Monday, 29 November 2010

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Hey kids,

Oh my good god it's been so busy!!

My birthday has been and gone (and oh what fun it was), but I have to admit that I never quite got my eating back under wraps, what with moving flats and all that entertaining, so I had a small gain at my weigh in on Friday. Mind you, it was only half a lb, so I guess keeping moving helps ward off slightly crappy eating.

Then housemoving went into full swing from Thursday to yesterday and I fully admit that for the most part the eating's been pretty shitty. BUT ... I have been moving non-stop, packing, hauling crates, massive bags and furniture up and down stairs, and for the most part all on my own, for the last 4 days, and the scales are actually down from Friday as a result.

Most of my stuff has now made it to the flat, and I was due to be flying off to Edinburgh today with work - that's been cancelled because of all the snow up there, but just in case, I got up early, braved the minus temperatures and went to the gym before work this morning. Just half an hour cardio (X-trainer and running) to ease myself back in after my 6 weeks away, but I felt good for it. I need to get my ass back in a yoga / pilates studio pronto too, as something is pulled somewhere in the back of my ribcage after all the moving - I need to be stretchy again!

Hopefully, I'll be less AWOL now - I have regular Internet access again, and intend to get back to it in the run-up to Xmas!

Love you - have missed reading about everyone's adventures!!

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Linz M said...

I know how you are feeling at the moment, my life has been utterly ridiculous too!

Good work on making it to the gym this morning and hope you had an amazing birthday