Saturday, 6 November 2010

Things I should know by now, but apparently don’t

  1. That “persistence not perfection” really does work.  By not getting too upset about the Friday / Sunday overeating debacle last week, I made the rest of the week not too bad at all, and although I’m sure there was a sizeable points deficit still there at the end of the week, I’ve lost another lb at weigh in.  That puts me at 12st 4.5lbs, and tantalisingly close back to that lowest weight to date of 12st 3lbs.
  2. That protein breakfasts really are the stuff of legends, and despite being what I consider to be very high in points for a breakfast, they really really do seem to keep me full all morning and reduce the cravings to snack, but more than that I seem to be able to concentrate better too.  More experimentation to follow on that point.
  3. That I’m getting more than a little excited about the new plan, because I keep seeing huge losses posted from the people who’ve been trialling it, and in my head, it’s now building up to be something of a miracle cure that’s going to get me that last little bit to goal quickly.  In reality, I know that that’s unlikely to happen and I’m just setting myself up for a fall, but a girl can dream ….

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Seren said...

Well done on your loss! I'm excited about the new plan as well and probably investing far too much hope in you say, some of the reported losses have been stellar. Well, all will soon be revealed...