Thursday, 11 November 2010

An early weigh-in

I'm away (read: out on the town partying) for the next two nights (I know!!! On a school night!! Shocking behaviour), so I moved my weekly weigh in forward to today, rather than push it back two days to Sunday.

This week's been a bit of a mixed bag as I did old Weightwatchers Points over the weekend, then new Weightwatchers Pro Points from Monday to today. But here's the good news: I've dropped 1.5lbs this week, meaning I'm back at 12st 3lb again. Whooop.

Of course, in ideal world, I will freely admit that I'd have liked a bigger loss. Partly because I've seen people who were trialling Pro Points reporting big losses, and partly because I'd have liked, no loved, to have hit a new lowest weight. There's something pschologically very satisfying about seeing a new weight, even if it's only by the smallest margin.

I was thinking about this yesterday though, and I very definitely came to the conclusion that on the whole I would much rather have a steady series of smaller losses, where I nibble away at what's left a little every week, than a big loss followed by a frustrating series of stay-the-sames and little gains. Much less stressful. Much more consistent.

So far, I'm finding that I can't quite decide if I like the new plan, or want the old one back. Yes, I get a few more points a day, but I find that on the whole that's hugely outweighed by how many more points everything "costs". This isn't helped by the fact that Weightwatchers have put me on the minimum possible number of points on the plan.

I'm a carbs girl - I love me some carbs. Pasta, rice, couscous, bread - my idea of heaven. And apparently Weightwatchers' idea of hell. It's driving me nuts, as all my go-to meals have been slashed and burned under the plan. So far, I've had to massively adjust what I'm eating to a more protein-based diet, and whilst that's good for keeping me full (I'm still eating a cooked breakfast each day), I'm practically have withdrawal symptoms from my pasta.

I'm finiding it near impossible to not dip into my flex points on a normal day. This week I've kind of got away with it, as I just happened to do a couple of big exercise sessions over the weekend that gave me a bumper crop of activity points to supplement my daily and flex. So even with tonight's dinner and drinks out, I'll probably just about squeak it.

I really need to sit down with a copy of a meal plan from previous weeks and actually work out how it compares to the new plan - maybe it's not as bad as I think and I'm just getting distracted by the, relatively speaking, bigger numbers??

One thing I've learned - we can't rely on Weightwatchers ready meals anymore - as they've all massively shot up in points. Does anyone think that they'll relaunch the range with the new Pro Points in mind?? Would be great if they did!

Anyway, in the meantime, I'm measuring and considering all my food choices carefully. I can't remember the last time I actually weighed my jacket potato to see how big it was - it's quite eye-opening for sure! I'll be interested to see what a full week on the new plan brings!

Adios amigos!


Linz M said...

Congrats on the loss, I reckon a full week on the new plan will see you hit your new low.

I know what you mean about carbs, I am struggling without pasta as my fail safe, but it's good for me to shake things up a bit as it's making me refocus and rethink.

I think the hardest part for me is trying not to compare this plan with the old one, I am also being distracted by the larger numbers appearing on the plan manager!

Fingers crossed they relaunch the WW meals, that would be most handy.

Have a fab weekend x

Anonymous said...

Hope you don't mind me commenting, The carbs thing is what is scaring me about propoints, i've been on slimming world for the last month and have been eating masses of pasta (portion control seriously out of the window)

Well done on the lose and have a great time away.


Seren said...

I had a lovely big bowl of pasta for dinner the other night, but just ate a relatively low carb lunch (home made soup) which seemed to balance it out. I'm finding I need to put a lot more thought in at the moment, but that will pass for all of us.

Well done on your loss!

Peridot said...

Good for you on your loss - and I agree that little but consistent losses are more motivating than one big one and then....nothing.

I'm still very confused with what to eat. One of my recipes works out well (6 points) which is a sort of risotto made with pearl barley, lemon, leeks and stock but a rice dish I did was 10!

And although I was on 22 points before, I'm only on 29 now so the big leaps in most things' points is quite hard to manage.

starfish264 said...

Nicki - I don't mind you commenting at all - I luuuurve me some feedback and input!! This new plan is certainly making me reconsider all my portion sizes .... again. There have been certain things that I've been regularly measuring for a long time now, like cereal and pasta, but I sure haven't been weighing my jacket potatoes out!

Seren - soups are definitely going to be making a regular reappearance in my diet too - just can't wait to get to the new flat so I've got more time to cook and lovely new kitchen to do it in :o)

Linz - yep - if you figure out how to stop comparing to the old plan let me know - cos God knows, I've not managed to stop doing it yet!!! I'm sure we'll BOTH be seeing a nice loss next week though ;o)

Peridot - hmmm, yep, I've been finding similar things with my recipe conversions too - some come out very favourably, others .... not so much! Pearl barley risotto though .... mmmmmm, I've seen recipes for that before, but not tried it yet - that's definitely worth me investigating then, that sounds lush!

skilegap said...

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