Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Really not convinced

…. by this Propoints malarkey.  Despite a loss last week, I’m massively struggling to stay on points, as even the best of my old meal-plans (tried and tested) sends me spiralling over my daily points.

Add to that, that alcohol is now the devil, which means this weekend royally screwed me over.  Friday, with a breakfast of a bacon and mushroom roll, 2 small hash browns and a smoothie, no lunch, and an Indian meal in the evening (it was a set menu, but I had a small plate of starters, a few spoonfulls of 2 dishes, a very small portion of rice and a plain naan – best I could do in the circumstances), followed by, admittedly a few cocktails and a couple of glasses of wine, saw a staggering 100 points accumulated.

Yes – that is correct – 100 of your finest Weightwatchers Pro Points.

So that was all of my daily allowance, my weekly allowance, my activity points accumulated to that point, and a deficit to kick the week off.  And on a normal day I just can’t seem to find a menu that gets me to the end of the day without blowing over my daily points.  Unless I don’t eat any carbs, don’t eat any meat, and don’t drink any alcohol.

I feel a bit like a giant, trying really hard not to put great big clumsy feet down and break something in a room that’s far too small – the room is my daily points allowance, and my feet are my meal choices.  Everything just seems to be wrong, right now.

I keep trying to start each day right, but it’s extra frustrating knowing that even if I could somehow make it to the end of the day with something to spare, I can’t save it, and I really don’t have time to get any exercise in right now, between 4 hours of commuting daily, planning my 30th birthday party for the weekend, sorting my new flat out for next week and generally trying to be present and correct in my social life. 

In summary, this week can only finish on a big deficit, even if I’m perfect for the last 2 days, and I don’t hold out any hope of a loss, and am really rather expecting a gain in fact.

No choice now but to keep going forwards I guess.  It’s going to be tough with another weekend of heavy socialising / drinking coming up (and god knows I am going to need to drink to get through the trauma of my 30th birthday and the crashing sound that will be all of most of my life goals for being 30 splintering unmet on the floor.  Maybe I’ll just take the actual day off and just concentrate on keeping the other 6 days of the week on track.

Not a very cheery post I’m afraid.


Seren said...

I totally sympathise - a few pints of cider on Saturday and I created a massive deficit for myself. WW really seem to want us to step away from the alcohol. I think, in the end, if it proves totally incompatible with your way of life then you should go back to the original points system - it's only going to work if you can make it work (if you see what I mean!)

Oh, and don't worry about the non cheery tone of the post. I'm skidding towards 30 at an alarming speed myself and it is quite depressing, although people keep telling me that my thirties will be my best decade. I choose to believe it!

Peridot said...

As someone who's just hit 40, not especially sympathetic on the 30 front! It'll be fine, breathe...

But the pp - I am at a loss too. I actually did everything right this week - didn't even use all my 49 points - and put on. Sigh.