Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Busy, Busy.

After a rather solid weekend of eating and moving, I seem to have wobbled a little the last couple of days, but I don't think all is lost this week.  I realised this morning, that I feel the need for a bit of a detox today, so that's positive.

I haven't eaten atrociously the last 2 days, by any means, but I did have dinner out on Monday night, and I was at a conference morning yesterday that culminated in a buffet lunch, and then dinner with friends last night with a few (let's be clear - by a few, I do mean 2, not *ahem* a few), so I know I'm so points over where I shouldn't be.  So today, is all about eating sensibly.  Soup for lunch, followed by maybe a little walk, and something delicious with some meatballs for tea, because they need cooking.  Not with pasta though - I'm thinking something to do with baked sweet potatoes and some lovely tomato-y sauce with veg.  Or maybe couscous.  Whatever - a minor 2 day blip will not derail my recent good eating.

Another reason, I'm not too worried about eating a bit extra this week ...... tomorrow is the 24 hour cycle relay challenge.  I will be spending a minimum of 4 hours hours steady to speedy cycling, and that's going to buy me back quite a lot of mini over-indulgence.  I'm not sure when I'll be weighing in, as I usually step on the scales first thing on a Friday morning before breakfast, and obviously I'll still be in my office after no sleep and most likely breakfast at that point, so it might have to be a Saturday weigh in.  Or no weigh in - it won't matter either way, because my progress is not defined by a single day of the week, but my behaviour in between.

Other than that, I've been grumbling because I woke up Tuesday morning with my back a bit sore - it hasn't been sore for ages, and I wasn't amused!  At.  All.  This is the soreness that is residual from my old back injuries, and very occasionally, it rears its head again.  It's all been good for ages, so I suppose a little timely reminder isn't a bad thing - I need to take care of myself.  Not sure if I tweaked it in Body Balance on Monday, or just slept awkwardly on Monday night (as I remember waking up feeling a bit uncomfortable), but I'm doing what my physio would recommend if she were here:  precisely nothing.  A couple of days of exercise (especially with the biking coming tomorrow) to just let it calm down, and it feels a bit better already.

I also went to see another flat last night, and I don't want to tell you too much about it in case I jinx myself.  I just had a gut reaction to the place:  I WANT!  The flat felt like it could very easily be my new home, and I very much liked the girl who lives there (and prospective new flatmate) - my quick flying viewing turned into an hour long chat over a cup of tea - so I'm fingers, toes, legs and everything in between crossed that I get it.  I should hear tomorrow, and it feels like it's fated to be, but I'm trying very hard not to get too attached to the idea, in case it doesn't happen (yeah - the above is me trying to be unemotional - I'm doomed).

In between all that, I've been organising myself for a trip to Edinburgh next week with work.  Sadly, it's a flying trip - up Tuesday and back Wednesday - but I'm excited as it'll be my first time there.

I think that's all in my world, for the moment.  Catch you later, when I have more news!


Peridot said...

Good luck with the flat - will be keeping my fingers crossed.


Seren said...

Hope everything works out with the flat. Oh, and that the back sorts itself out.

Edinburgh is gorgeous...hopefully you'll get a chance to have a bit of a look round while you're there.