Thursday, 24 November 2011

A Step At A Time

There are a huge amount of things going on in my life at the moment, or at least it feels that way.  Some you know about (hi, Housing Crisis, how are you?), some I've kept to myself, at least for the moment, as I don't know where they're going.  Forgive me my mystery moment - I don't have them often, and I reserve the right to be quixotic once in a while!

However, that is not a giant excuse to let things slide on the healthy front.  Yes, my life might be in quite a lot of turmoil, but I can still make better choices.  It's one of the few things that's still within my control.  Last night, I caught myself having a massive case of my eyes being bigger than my stomach at dinner, which lead me to sitting on the couch feeling sooooooo full, and wondering why I hadn't stopped eating.  Very silly.  So today, I'm making the committment here and now, to make it a good day, full of sensible choices.  I might not have much time today for exercising either, but I can do my best to move when I can.  It's here in black and white, and now I must stick to it.

I felt great after running the other night.  I even felt pretty great during most of the run.  And in the scale of scariness that is me having to start my half-marathon training in a couple of weeks, I realised that the run I did on Tuesday is the same as where I'll be starting my first week of training.  Which makes it a whole lot less scary.  So if I just concentrate on where I'm starting my training, and not freaking out about what I'll be attempting weeks down the line, I'll be better off.  I'm paying for the run at the moment though, as my quads feel a bit sore, and completely inexplicably, so do my ribs.  Uh, ribs??  Oh well. 

Actually, just concentrating on the here and now, will work well for most areas of my life-chaos at the moment.  Just deal with what's immediate, focus on what's in front of you.  One (arsehole) utility company at a time.  One step forwards with possible new flatshares at a time.  One day of healthy eating at a time. 

Keep it simple, and tackle each item, one at a time.

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Love Cat said...

Hello love

I've been reading but not commenting as I've been without my laptop for ages and just keeping up via my reader on my phone.

Feeling the moving pain with you! I am in the middle of a sea of boxes and half empty cupboards. At least I've got a place sorted to go to.

I hope you get sorted soon. And amazing work on getting out for a run. I've done jack all since the move began! x