Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Other Side

I've survived.

It's officially my first day of having no fixed abode, which also happens to coincide with today being my 31st birthday.

The carnage of moving is nearly over, with just a few loose ends like handing back the keys and ringing the utilities companies to be accomplished.

The funny thing is that it hasn't hurt as much as I thought it would. I've been occasionally stressed and grumpy by turns, and I nearly cried when I thought I'd locked myself our yesterday (my poor friend Dave didn't know what to do, and was waiting for me to stop banging my head against the door - luckily we managed to get someone to let us back in the main door, and by some fluke I'd stopped my front door from closing all the way when we'd gone out, so he didn't have to see me cry).

I read somewhere over the weekend, that people who exercise regularly are more resilient and able to cope in stressful situations. I've been a bit off my game recently, but maybe it's helped me, all the same.

I'm going for dinner with friends tonight, and tomorrow I have to get back on it.

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Morgenmuffel said...

Awww, I hope you had as happy birthday as you could and you find a new home very soon. Chin up :)

Seren said...

Hope you have a very happy birthday! And am sure great things are just around the corner.


Badger said...

Many happy returns! xx