Saturday, 5 November 2011

Final Total

At 10am yesterday morning, I listened to my team mates count down from 10 and cheer as we finally finished the 24 hour cycle relay for charity. Tired, sweaty and sore.

If I ever see another spin bike again, it will be too soon!

Final stats:

Individual distance - 136.9km in 8 half hour sessions on the bike.

My team: just shy of 900km in 24 hours on the one bike, plus the use of a second bike for an hour or 2.

Total charity challenge (400 people around the globe relaying over the 24 hours in teams of 6, same as us): over 25,000km!!

We were aiming to cycle 18,000km, which is the land distance round tue globe, but we smashed it at 3am in the morning, so the event co-ordinater reset the challenge as the distance of the equator c. 24,000km and we smashed that too.

My only problem with 24 hour events like this is they totally screw up your eating - faaaaar to much sugar consumed. After a shower and a quick nap yesterday lunchtime, I was craving dirty super-noodles for lunch - I don't know why but that was all I wanted. That was followed by about 8 super-tasty ginger cookies.

I'm down in London for the weekend visiting Jo so we also shared a bottle of bubbly last night, to celebrate her new flat, and a martini to investigate her new local bar.

We're going out and about today to do fun tourist stuff, but I want to get back to eating a normal routine as I feel a bit blah at the moment. No weigh-in this week, as I haven't been near a scale at a sensible time in days.

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Seren said...

Good for you, that's amazing! And I tend to think you'll have burned off the noodles and cookies no bother!

Enjoy your weekend.


kate said...

blimey!! i didn't realise it was on a stationary bike-you guys are mental!! well done :)