Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Ongoing Challenges

I've been eating properly on the challenge for 2 days now.  I've eaten conscientiously, and my decision to cut out cake, sweets, chocolate and biscuits for the week has forced me to think about what, or whether, I really want to eat.

Initially, I was quite hungry between meals, but I've come to the conclusion that my blood sugar levels must have been swooping up and down from all the sugar I've been eating, as it seems to be lessening a bit now.  I even managed to make some good choices at dinner at Giraffe last night (and can I just recommend the bean and aubergine mossake whilst I'm at it - very tasty). 

Today, I'm struggling a bit though, because there is a massive birthday cake from Costco sat at the end of my desk for us to help ourselves too.  It's my favourite sort of cake too - proper victoria sponge with royal icing.  Sob.  I've not had any so far, but I've just caught myself looking at my daily tracker, thinking I could easily accomodate it in my points for today, except that that's not the point.  No cake this week.

Emotionally speaking, I'm a bit of a wreck this week.  Hormones all over the shop, and everything either seems too much effort or makes me want to snap or cry.  I've managed not to do either (well, not too much snapping anyway).

It's not just my eating I'm having to keep an eye on this week either.  So far this year, I've been pretty damn good with my spending, as promised, however, I do seem to have taken my eye somewhat off the ball the last couple of weeks, with the result that I'm going to have to be very careful for the next fortnight until pay day.  Extra careful, in fact, as I absolutely don't want to either put anything on the credit card or "steal" money from my bills account or credit card overpayments, unless absolutely unavoidable.  It really should be unavoidable - just means I'm going to have to cut a few luxuries over the next couple of weeks such as the cinema and going out.  Time I learned out to do it anyway!

On the psychological warfare front, I've now firmly (and resignedly) told myself that I will get round the half on Sunday, even if I run a mile and have to walk the rest.  It might be awful, but I can do it, and have to because so many people have sponsored me.  As Jo put it last night "you're far too competitive with yourself to not do it".  I prefer stubborn, but either way, if it's mind over matter, so be it.

Keep fighting everybody!


Seren said...

Fight is the operative word sometimes, isn't it! But we WILL get there, even if it is one good choice at a time.


Badger said...

You will get round - adrenaline is an amazing thing! xx