Friday, 30 March 2012

Calmness and Crossfit

I'm glad to say, that the last 4 days have largely consisted of sensible eating.  Not perfect, because I've not been that tough on myself - I generally find I can't keep that up for too long, and right now I just want to find something consistent for a while - but considered, none-the-less. 

The result is that this Friday's weigh in sees me a sliver down on last week, despite the gastronomic and alcoholic debauchery of last Saturday and Sunday.  It also means, and I do so like it when it does this, that I can report a loss two weeks in a row.  Ooooh - a trend.  How nice.

Blissfully, this weekend, I have ...... drumroll please!!! ..... absolutely nothing planned.  Pure, unadulterated heaven.  I'm so glad now that I made a resolution to selfishly keep one weekend a month open for whatever I fancied, or nothing at all, because it's like manna from heaven for this tired girl.  I'm pretty much planning on sleeping this weekend.  Maybe watching a bit of tv.  Definitely no big nights out or excessive drinking.  It's positively lovely, in fact, to be looking down the barrel of a weekend where I'm in control of what I consume and where I sleep.

I'm very slowly (not that that's intentional) trying to amp up the amount of exercise in my routine as well.  I'm feeling a wee bit slothful currently, and know I could be doing a lot more.  There was obviously nothing in the way of exercise last weekend (I don't think drunken dancing counts after all), but I did make it to Body Balance on Monday, and I attempted to try the new Streetdance class at the gym on Wednesday night.  Unfortunately, that didn't work so well, as it's still a new class and it was cancelled due to low numbers this week (i.e. just me), but since I'd waited behind after work to do the class, I decided to stay and hit the gym anywhere.

Christ on a bike, but I feel unfit at the moment!  5 min warm-up on the cross-trainer (as I was waiting for the class to start), then I decided to hit the treadmill and try some speed work.  My recent running has probably been at around the 8-8.5 kph speed, so I whacked it up to 10 kph - depressingly, I only lasted 12 mins at that speed .... depressing because that used to be my normal running speed.  My 10ks last year were done at that speed, but now it's a push - all the distance training has definitely slowed me down.  Oh well.  I rounded it out to 15 mins at a reduced pace, and did a few weights (chest, legs and abs) and some rowing, and after that I was sweating buckets.  On the other hand, I'm beginning to see why they say you get a lot more flexible in Bikram yoga than any other type - it was boiling in the gym, and when I went to stretch off at the end, I was super-flexible.  I was doing a swan pose from yoga to stretch my hips and glutes, and my head was on the floor easy ..... which was quite funny when there were some guys doing the same stretch near me (it's obviously popular with the fitness coaches at the moment) and they could barely get their feet on the diagonal angle, never mind lean forwards - baaahahahahaha.

I also talked myself into circuits today, even though I woke up just not even vaguely feeling it today.  I know that I feel better about starting the weekend when I've done circuits, and I know that circuits only gets less beastly with regular committment to it, but man alive, it's still hard.  Today's torture form of choice was Crossfit.  I've only seen videos of bonkers Americans doing this before, and I suppose it's really just a different circuits formats, but it's pretty tough.  7 stations, 3 mins on each, 2 exercises to a station.  3 reps of each exercise, then 5, then 7, then straight back to 3 and rinse and repeat.  Keep it going for 3 mins solid (by which time sweat will be flinging itself from your brow).  1 min rest and  move to the next station.  Apparently, that's the gentle version, as the full format is 7 mins a station (oh good God!) and their rep counts just go up and up instead of cycling back down to 3 (kill me now!), but Emma decided to be nice to us today.  Or at least as nice as anything involving cork-screw burpees, box jumps and suicide press-ups could possibly be.

So, I'm off to enjoy a nice relaxed weekend, and another steady week of eating, exercising and generally looking after me, and I'm confident I can produce something good this week.

Enjoy your weekends, lovelies!

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