Tuesday, 3 April 2012

We Will Not Quit

Good Thing: I actually made a bit of an effort over the weekend, and although I enjoyed a few nice things, I didn't think I did to badly. I tracked it all and remained accountable.

Bad Thing: the scales did not register that effort. in fact, they very unhappily said 12st 5lb on Monday morning. Another new high. However, that might not all be due to the weekend: on Sunday morning I noticed that there was a load of fluff stuck to one of the footpads of the scales, which I peeled off (ick!), so I'm wondering I've been having false readings for a while since the scales wouldn't have sat flat on the floor.

Good Thing: I'm not going to let that put me off.

I sat and pondered yesterday what my weaknesses are with regard to my weight - my bad habits and the corners I cut. Then I wrote down clear strategies to deal with them. I wrote 3 A4 sides of notes to myself.

I've been eating out too much. Drinking too much. I've got no food in the house and I haven't planned my food so I snack on the wrong things. Sometimes I get it right, but overall, it's no wonder I've found it hard.

I put it into practice yesterday - I was out last night (on a date! It went well thanks!) and I behaved much better. Sticking to spirits, alternating my non-alcoholic drinks. Eating more moderately.

I will not give up. I won't be put off or distracted by the scales. I will keep trying to get this right. I still want to reach my goals.

I will. Not. Quit.

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Peridot said...

Good for you.

I do think that planning is key - spontaneity is really hard when you're trying to follow ANY diet as all the easy, quick things are things that are inevitably diet suicide!