Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Dinner Party Disaster Avoidance

I'm feeling at least a little proud of myself today, as I managed to maintain a small amount of discipline last night at the dinner party, and so don't feel too guilty at all for a change.

I didn't drink, I maintained a stoic distance from the baked camembert and French stick that was the stand-up starter which meant that I only had two pieces of bread instead of many, and I didn't have seconds of the main which was gumbo with rice and salad (delicious - must look into how you make that!).  I do confess to having a small second helping of the dessert which was Mississippi Mud Pie, but don't feel too shameful about that since the first helping wasn't big, and the second was smaller.  Wooooot!  Go me!

On the downside, I did miss my spin class yesterday and today.  I'm trying to get hold of a dress I want for the wedding this weekend, and one of work colleagues is able to get me a 25% discount in John Lewis on it, which is significant given the price of the dress.  I thought we were going to get it yesterday lunchtime, but that turned into today - can't really complain as she's doing me a massive favour, but means I need to do a bit of a re-jig of my exercise schedule this week, if I want to fit all my sessions in.  Unfortunately, we went to the store this lunchtime to collect it, and my colleague was told that her discount card wasn't valid because it was in her son's name not hers, so she's going back after work with her son as she refuses to be defeated!  Bless her!  Although it currently leaves me with no spin class and no dress either - doh!

Tonight's drinks / dinner have just been cancelled so I now have an evening off to relax and catch up on my Cinderella duties at home, which I'm oddly relieved about as it means I don't have to worry about squeezing another dinner out and alcohol into this week's plan!  Always time for that next week!


Peridot said...

Oooh put up a pic of the dress!

And - Missippi Mud Pie? YUM! Clever tactics - you had one piece split into two so you felt you had seconds, ingenious.


Ruby said...

Well done on staying away from alcohol, baked camembert and French stick - I don't think I could do it!