Thursday, 5 April 2012

Fair To Middling

That's pretty much how I'd describe this last week - fair to middling. I don't feel like I've eaten the best, and I know there are places where I could have denied myself to stick rigidly to the plan, but at the same time I've tracked honestly, eaten thoughtfully, and I've definitely seen worse weeks on my tracker.

There's been a bit too much chocolate this week, courtesy of the run-up to Easter and since I'm in a hormonally-weakened state I caved to that pressure. There's also been less exercise than I'd like as I seem to be in a bit of a lazy, lethargic slump this week, but I'm hoping that this weekend will help jerk me out of that.

I'm not sure what the scales will bring tomorrow due to said hormonal-ness, but this weekend certainly brings lots of fresh air and potential exercise, as I'm off camping and surfing in Cornwall.

Of course, this also brings the potential for dietary misbehaviour, but I'm looking on the positive side. We're camping, and since it's a super big group of us (40 folks from the surf club) we're all keeping our catering separate, so I'm in control of what I take for most breakfasts and dinners. There is one meal out planned for tomorrow night at a local pub, but I can cope with that. The plan is to surf, if the conditions play ball, so that's 3 potential surfs, and if they don't to walk or hire bikes and cycle. There shouldn't be any shortage of walking.

The danger point will be booze, as I suspect 40 people have the capacity to drink a lot, but here again, I'm in control of what I take and choose to drink and how much. It's also going to be blinkin' cold so maybe I'll burn a few extra calories from that!!

Hoping for a fun, outdoorsy weekend to blow the cobwebs out!!

Happy Easter folks!!

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