Monday, 16 April 2012

Weekend Win

Without wanting to feel too smug, I have to admit to feeling a little proud of myself for my behaviour over the weekend.  Weekend's have always been a danger zone for me, and the last couple of  months they've been truly abysmal.  I usually trash my progress over the weekend and then spend the rest of the week scrabbling desperately to catch up with myself.  No wonder then, that my progress on the scales has been stalled or creeping up recently.

But for the first time in a good long while, I feel like I maintained a bit of discipline this weekend and made some better and conscientious choises.  Sure, I used up quite a few of my weekly allowance on Friday night, but then I did at least stop to think about things a bit more on Saturday and Sunday.  And the evidence is in the scales - up just 1lb from Friday's weigh in, instead of the usual 3 or 4lbs I've been seeing recently.

I enjoy feeling like I've done well with my eating and exercise - who doesn't? - but now I need to maintain my concentration, instead of doing what has happened all too often recently and veering of course again.  It'll be an interesting week for me to stay focused on, as we've got dinner with friends tomorrow, that I suspect will be more mini-dinner party than casual, and I'm meeting a friend of drinks / dinner on Wednesday night, and then Friday I'm off back up home for a wedding.

The aims for the week are therefore as follows: 
  • eat sensibly during the days in the office.
  • don't have seconds tomorrow night (since I can't control what I eat, but can control how much).
  • drive tomorrow night so I can stay off the booze.
  • keep up last week's exercise schedule - 1 Body Balance, 1 spin, 1 run, 1 circuits class.

Let's keep this 'ere wagon rolling!

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Badger said...

I sooo hear you on the weekend thing. I'm supposed to be having between 1450 and 1750 calories a day using a calorie counter with one cheat day.
I see progress in the week and then one cheat day turns into two at the weekend and I'm totally bust, usually with wine sadly.
So hard....