Friday, 23 March 2012

Slow And Methodical

I've slowly, methodically plodding through this week - slowly and methodically battling (in a very gentle fashion) with my eating.

In actual fact, contrary to that statement, the week has positively flown by (really?  Is it Friday already?), as it's been very busy at work and I've been running around lots, but eating wise ... yeah, it's a plod.

Very slowly, I feel like I'm taking back a little, tiny bit of the control I've been seriously lacking these last weeks (and months).  Last night, I debated dinner, and managed to just put half the pack of ravioli in the pan.  Technically speaking, I put the whole pan in, looked at it for a moment, had an internal dialogue and put half back, but I take that as a victory.  I seriously debated having the rest when I'd finished, but put it in the fridge.  Even, the small silly things feel like hard work at the moment.

Similarly, this morning I stood in the canteen at work debating my breakfast - I'd gone for a bit of a cooked breakfast (a rasher of bacon, one sausage, some beans, mushroooms and a hash brown though) but was wanting toast as well, and there was a whole backwards / forwards wobbling moment of indecision before I walked to the till to pay without toast. 

It shouldn't be so hard really, should it?  Still, I've started feeling more full and satisfied in the last couple of days, and less prone to the random cravings for snacks, so I will honestly take my victories where I find them.

Official weigh in says I've lost 2lbs this week - but since I've been yo-yoing around all over the place recently, I won't celebrate that until I see some positive movement several weeks in a row. 

After the loveliness of last weekend's surfing-then-schoolfriends mini-break, this weekend sees me bombing off to London again.  I guess this is the time to be careful, as weekends are definitely my downfall.  Hannah and I are driving down tonight to stay with my friend Jo, which means a late dinner at the pub and most likely wine.  Then tomorrow Hannah and I are meeting up with the rest of the hen-party for afternoon tea at The Chesterfield Hotel - sandwiches and cakes galore in elegant surroundings.  That will be followed later on by dinner in SoHo and a night out - more food and drinking.  Sunday morning is unplanned but then we're hitting the theatre in the afternoon for the new musical production of The Wizard of Oz - exciting!!

I am looking forwad to this weekend, but can see many potential pitfalls on the dieting front.

Other than that, the dresses and skirts are packed (we've been issued rules that this weekend is a girly-dress-up zone!) - floral tea-dress and sandals for The Chesterfield, sequin skirt and assymetric silk top for the evening with heels - which is terribly organised for me!  Just need to do my bit for the hen-party games and put the finishing touches to the packing.

Exercise-wise, I've been rather quiet this week.  After circuits last Friday, and then surfing on Saturday, my legs were ruined.  Even Body Balance on Monday didn't do much to help them - just gave me sore shoulderes to add to the mix.  I was starting to worry I'd done my quads some serious damage as they still had residual soreness yesterday!  I therefore have been a bit half-hearted about too much activity this week, but have decided to risk the perils of circuits again today because there's only one way to improve and that's to keep at it ...... here's hoping I'll still be able to walk this weekend afterwards!

That's really all there is to report around here at the moment - hope you all enjoy the sunshine this weekend! x

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Love Cat said...

I know exactly how you feel. When you are 'on form' the right choices seem to happen effortlessly but if things are a little out of kilter then something as simple as turning down a biscuit becomes a gargantuan feat.

It sounds like you are doing the right thing though, taking it one step at a time.

Have a great weekend with the girls and try not to be too hard on yourself. x