Friday, 2 March 2012


Well, it’s definitely a relief to get to Friday I can tell you!  This week has absolutely flown by, and I am shattered.  Even though my chest infection has mostly shifted now, I still find myself unexpectedly breathless when I least expect it, and I can’t wait for it to just bugger off now.  Here’s the positives to the week though:

  1. After last week’s blip, the scales have put me back down a bit – still not quite back under 13 st, but heading back in the right direction at 13 st 1lb, and that’s in spite of pizza for tea last night.  My eating still feels a bit off, but I’m plodding back there, and the fact that I walk around 3 miles a day which doesn’t go in my tracker definitely helps that.  I’ve also started to notice the return of my “I’m full” indicator, which is something I willfully ignore when I’m off track.  More plodding and less blips, please!
  2. I did something I haven’t done for a while yesterday, and went for a run at lunchtime.  This week’s been hectic, and I have to admit that the awfulness of Sunday’s run did kind of put me off.  So I sucked it up and went for a short run round the harbour yesterday – and it still wasn’t great.  I was huffing and puffing and couldn’t run more than 15 mins continuously – I had to walk twice in my short 30 min run.  I was horrified because I felt like all my hard-won running fitness that I’ve been so carefully building up since before Christmas had just disappeared …. 10 days before my half-marathon.  I persevered and finished it, and then checked my watch.  Surprisingly, I was back in a really good time for that route, and when I logged my run in my tracker, I saw that my pace was actually a 15 seconds / mile quicker than any other training run I’ve done for the half.  No wonder it sucked!  Sunday saw me slogging round at 13 min miles and not happy.  Yesterday was 11.15 min miles, so I feel slightly better.  The plan now is just to do several more short runs, and maybe slot in a slightly longer 50 min run and just try and reacquaint my muscles and mind with running (and pacing!) myself.
  3. The working week is over!!  Whoooop!  Which means my old uni-housemate Caroline is visiting from Brussells …… yaaaaaaaaaaay!  Super-excited!  I don’t get to see Caroline often, but I love it because we slide straight back into uni days and chat constantly when we do – it’s going to be lovely to show her my Bristol.
  4. I did my sponsership email to work for my half-marathon yesterday.  I hit send, just as I went for my run, and when I got back I’d already shot past my fund-raising target!  I think I’m going to need to raise it!  That’s a huge weight off my mind though, especially as I can double it with matched giving at work.  Just got to run it now!

I’m sure there was something else too, but I can’t think what it was right now, so I shall simply say “have a lovely weekend”! xx

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