Wednesday, 14 March 2012


It feels like I suddenly have no focus this week.

For 3 months solidly, I was training for the half-marathon, and that was my goal - I was very fixated on the date of 11 March, and very blurry about what would happen after that.

Somebody asked me recently what I'd be doing after the half, and I answered "having a summer of surfing and fun". I'm not training for anything else currently (and have no intention of doing so - I get very grumpy when I train because I start to hate being told what I have to do and when), but after just 2 days it all feels fuzzy as to what I should be doing.

For the last 12 weeks it's been all about running. I've literally done nothing, fitness-wise, but run. My weeks have consisted of 2-3 runs a week and a Body Balance class when I could fit it in. I haven't been to a spin class or circuits in 3 months! Nothing! In fact, my gym has barely seen me since December.

72 hours after the half-marathon, I now feel completely normal again. All the aches and pains have gone (with the exception of my poor scabby ribs which will probably take a couple of weeks to heal completely, but are at least not so sore now), and I'm starting to feel a little fidgety already. That lead me to pondering what my routine should be now.

I have to confess that my eating hasn't been the best the last 2 days either. This is mostly due to the amount of cake still left around the flat. I seem to have done a fairly good job of demolishing that single-handed, and although a couple of days of being fairly relaxed post-half is probably fine, it's not in line with my Challenge plans with Jo.

So there needs to be a shake-up. Fresh thinking and attitudes. I meant what I said about having a summer dedicated to getting outdoors and having fun. I intend to surf when I can this summer, as I love it, and generally have lots of outdoor adventures. I don't have anymore races booked until September, so I don't have any training I need to do right now. But I do feel a bit noodly and soft, so I think it's time to get back in the gym a bit. And I miss spin.

I think the new (old) routine will therefore look like this:

• Body Balance (Monday)
• Spin
• Circuits (probably Friday?)
• Climbing club!

The last one costs money, so might not happen every week, but I haven't been climbing since I did my course a couple of weeks ago and I'd like to. You might also notice the return of my old nemesis (Death) Circuits - I have such a love / hate relationship with this class, but the truth is it kicks my ass and makes me feel stronger. I'll probably also put in the occasional run on quiet weeks just to keep my hand in too.

Eating-wise, I could do with some planning and structure in my week. I've got lazy. I was mostly cooked for at Hannah's for 2 and a bit months, and I've got out the habit of looking after myself. I'm slowly getting back to cooking, but it would probably help me to plan my weeks out a bit for the next month or so. Think of some basic meals, so then I can plan the rest of my day and my snacks.

This is how we deal with slumps, by planning and having stuff to look forward to :-)

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Seren said...

I find meal planning one of the things that makes the most difference as to whether I have a good or bad WW week. Without it, I do flounder, and I just don't think I have the basic good habits and instincts to fall back on and see me through. I'm definitely going to take some inspiration from this post and apply the same logic to exercise.


Peridot said...

Planning - although sometimes tedious - does seem to be key. Good luck!