Saturday, 20 July 2013

Destination: La Plagne

Whoooooop!!!  I now have a destination to look forward to this winter: following a phone call from France on Friday afternoon, it's looking likely I'll be based in La Plagne for 5 months of skiing snowy goodness!!


Since La Plagne is made up of around 10 different villages, I don't exactly know which bit I'll be based in, but imagine (hope) I'll be fairly cental. 

This is excellent news, as it means I have the full run of the whole Paradiski area over my time there (my kindly employers provide a full area ski pass as part of my package), so hopefully I might even come back a better skiier than I arrived!

Either way, I suspect I'll have this expression on my face for most of it:

Funny enough that was taken in the La Plagne area too - just over the mountain in Montchavin in 2010.

Anyway - enough of snow-related things - it's definitely summer still here!  Heat is still killing my appetite (although I seem determined to fight it lol), and I'm a few lbs lighter than I was.  Sadly, it's also killing my will to move at all .... ahem .... I'm a little lazy right now.

Time to get off my lazy ass now though, don my lovely new silky loose shorts from French Connection, some sandals and a bit of warpaint and head out to toast a friend's exit to Australia for 2 years.  Oh, the things we must do in the name of friendship!

Hope you're having lovely relaxed weekends!

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Hetty said...

Brilliant!! You'll definitely not get bored in La Plagne and that massive ski area to play in. Have you said what kind of work you'll be doing or is that still to be revealed....?