Saturday, 13 July 2013


I've been working recently on trying to only eat when I'm hungry, which I find easier when the weather's hot and I can lose myself in what I'm doing and forget to eat.

Some days it goes the other way though - working in the office on a Saturday and distracted, I wandered round the neighbouring Foodies Festival at lunchtime, pondering what to eat and thinking I wasn't very hungry. I eventually settled on a burrito, but gave up about half way down as I just wasn't hungry.

It only occurred to me after I'd thrown the remainder away that the reason I wasn't hungry .... I only had breakfast 1.5 hours ago.


Just not with it today at all.

On the upside, I had intended to buy some homemade fudge to take home, but in the heat I was too lethargic and uninterested to bother.

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