Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Heating Up

Wow, is this weather scorching at the moment!! (Yes, I know, how terribly British of me to commentate on the weather.) I would love it lot more if I had more time to enjoy it, but work is taking up an inordinate amount of my time at the moment, resulting in my finishing on the wrong side of the divide between and 9 and 10pm last night. Boooooo. Sadly, it looks like it's only going to keep going like this for a good while longer yet.

In between that glumness though, I'm finding a little time to appreciate the finer points of the British summer. Sunday night was a lovely relaxed BBQ with some friends, which was a welcome chance to cool down outside, as we have no outdoor space with our own flat. It was a glorious veggie feast followed by a bit of retro Viennetta - how 90's! There may also have been a few rum and gingers.

Tonight, I resolutely left work (nearly) on time to hit up some yoga - the added heat is definitely a boost there as I found myself gloriously deep into some of the stretches and feeling surprisingly strong. And sweaty. But most of all, calm and energised afterwards.

I love the heat for another good reason too: it suppresses my appetite and leaves me gulping back water and fluids like there's no tomorrow - maybe I'll even be a little lighter when it finally cools off!!

How do you cope with the heat? Or what's your favourite aspect of the summer?

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Seren said...

I am not a great lover of heat but have to say the past few days have been lovely - as you say, nothing like a hot day to act as a natural appetite suppressant!