Sunday, 16 October 2011

Still Busy, Busy, Busy

Christ it's hard work round here at the moment!  I've spent most of the weekend dans le office ... oh joy!  When not here I've been mostly sleeping .... oh bliss!

I managed to get to circuits on Friday (pain, pain, lots of pain .... especially when you can't breathe through your nose and your internal temperature guage can't seem to decide which way is up or down), and then went home from work to cook a whole crapload of veggies (that's the technical term, by the way, something to do with the manure they use ;o)), and some chicken thighs for roast dinnery goodness, and enough for tea tonight in the fridge.

I have by some effort of will and a little vigilance managed to have a fairly sensible weekend so far.  After 9 hours in the office yesterday, I had some Thai takeaway last night in front of the tv, and a few sneaky (small) glasses of vino, and a loooooong chat with my friend Jo.  Well earned, I think.

I'm at work again now for a few quiet hours, and then off to meet my friend Clare for afternoon tea and cake.

I'm nearly over my cold, I think, as I can now smell and taste again.  I still need to catch up on a shitload of sleep though, as well as trying to figure out my precarious money situation, and especially how I'm going to manage to move flats next month.  Probably not helping with the contributing to sleepless nights!

Everything usually turns out right in the end though, yeah?


Hetty said...

I'm with you on the overdue shitload of sleep. Can you send me a crapload of veggies in the post as I'm behind on them too?! I'm sure you're right that things can only get better so hang in there and well done for not comfort eating like I have!

Love Cat said...

Christ Missus, sounds like you're having a mental time at work. Good on ya for now losing the head. My hat goes off to you.

You are my inspiration for not losing all will when things get super busy.

starfish264 said...

Ha - thanks ladies (and Hetty, one crapload of veggies sent in the post - apologies for the smell when they get there - didn't get all the manure off them lol). It's funny, but I think when the rest of my little world is going completely chaotic, the food somehow works because it's something I can control. And I don't have time to stop and stress. Emotionaly eating is definitely not something I've mastered yet, but stress eating I've just about got a handle on these days.