Sunday, 20 July 2014

Summer Fruits

I was feeling like it was just too warm and humid to want to eat anything hot or even savoury for dinner this evening, so my veggie pledge became a fruit overload.

Dinner was a massive bowl of all the fruit that needed rescuing from the fridge before it was lost to the heat, with some full fat Greek yoghurt. If there's any yoghurt that's going to get me excited about it, it's this Rachel's Organic Greek yoghurt with ginger ... soooo tasty, and amazingly rich after making do with low fat yoghurts for years!

Summery, a little off-beat for a dinner but so refreshing.

What do you eat when the weather gets too hot?

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Badger said...

Salads, salads, salads and ice creams...
I eat lots of salad in the summer, not sure they are always the healthiest as such as can include seeds, croutons or little roast potatoes/sweet potatoes.
I make sure I include plenty of ingredients though so it's not boring such as grated carrot, pepper, the usual lettuce tomato and cucumber, sweetcorn, sometimes green beans, roast veggies, chickpeas or lentils. I vary the ingredients used and find things like feta - a little bit goes a long way taste-wise.
Also bbq food with salad really makes it feel summer and isn't too bad if you limit the carbs :) xx