Thursday, 7 August 2014

Little Pleasures

After returning from holiday, I now seem to have roped myself into getting decently back on track with my eating. Yesterday there was lots of veggies and it was the first day in quite a while where I was bang on my Weightwatchers points.

Looking back to last year I had a holiday in late August and although I'd been back on Weightwatchers for a while it was that holiday (or the return from it) that lit a fire under my ass. I realised that the start of the ski season wasn't that far away and I wanted to be in better shape for it. This year the holiday's a few weeks earlier and I'm a lb or 2 lighter but the fire seems to be stoking the same way. Hooray - I've been looking for my motivation and thought I'd misplaced it!

On the conscious eating front there have been definite positive benefits. I feel like I've stopped wrestling with myself over a lot of food. I'm now capable of having biscuits and ice-cream in the house and not nose-diving into them. I can sit and really enjoy a chocolate chip hobnob without fighting myself to put the rest down or feel guilty about it. It feels like a huge step forward!

I feel like I've been looking at it the wrong way round for years. When they said "pay attention to how you feel - whether you're full or want to eat for an emotion rather than hunger" all they really needed to say was "stop distracting yourself from your food - enjoy it and the rest comes later". At least it's that way for me.

Without the food multi-tasking I can also concentrate more on whatever else I'm doing too: a good book, a TV programme and enjoy how that makes me feel independently of the food.

To top it off, I did the most amazing yoga practice yesterday that left me feeling so zen and refreshed (and not a little sweaty!) - inversions are the best!

Another little pleasure I've been enjoying this week: taking time to cook properly and the joy of leftovers. I'm monumentally broke after the holiday so I'm turning it into a positive and using it as a good excuse to investigate the fridge, freezer and cupboards and do some proper cooking. I've enjoyed smoked salmon and lemon risotto this week, along with making a big batch of veg and tomato sauce to go on pasta, jacket potatoes or with chicken. Way more satisfying than processed food.

So generally, this week has been full of positives ... hope yours is too!

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