Thursday, 21 August 2014

On It!

This week has proved that it's possible to muddle through tough days when you're firmly in the driving seat of This Shit Is Happening.

I was dreading Monday with a fear that only those dieting will understand: lunch out AND dinner AND a cinema trip. How to do that and stay on plan??? But I survived it with a little forward thinking and planning. Fruit for breakfast, lunch was eaten in two halves and I saved some of my leftovers for the afternoon (I was able to take it back to the office in a takeaway box) and I excused myself from dinner to just meet my friends at the cinema. Ditto Tuesday when I had to get a super early train and was working in London all day.

Which brings me to my next point - it's also entirely possible to lose concentration for 30 mins and find you've squandered a load of points and didn't even really enjoy them! Hmph.

So my learning point (or re-enforcement of what I already knew) is that eating in front of the TV is just not possible for me. I just can't focus on what I'm eating, no matter how earnestly I try and then 5 hobnobs have been dunked in the hot chocolate before you know it. I learn. I move on. I won't beat myself up about it but I will try and use that knowledge.

I'm hoping for at least a small loss tomorrow to show for my hard work. This week has been light on activity due to the socialising and working away, which also means my tracker looks a bit lean and I'm slightly over my points. I realise that this probably isn't as bad as it would have been in previous weeks though as I've stopped tracking my general walking as activity.

I'll just have to wait and see!

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Linz M said...

I feel your fear. I have 3 nights out to negotiate this week and it's hard going. It's a constant battle with myself whether I adopt the "sod it" attitude or if I make decent choices.

Good luck with your weigh in.

Seren said...

Ooooh, hope your weigh in goes well - and fantastic work with the eating out.