Friday, 22 August 2014


Short story: I stood on the scale this morning. I was disappointed.

Long story: I tracked all week, did some planning, messed up slightly but not enough to make a real difference and the scales were down all week. This morning they were 13st 7lbs. Which is exactly what they were last week. So a week of effort for no results.

Before anyone starts in with all the reasons this should be ok: I know them. It still doesn't stop me being disappointed when it's only my second proper week back on track and I get that to show for it.

Anyhoo, this weekend is looking particularly challenging. It would be much easier to throw my hands in the air and say that this food-centric weekend is going to chuck me off track anyway, but that won't actually help anything. I have dinner out tonight - it's at a place that specialises in sausage and mash and ALL OF THE OTHER BAD THINGS. ALL OF THEM. The plan is to keep my food fairly light during the day, just have straight up sausage and mash with some steamed veg on the side tonight and try and restrain my drinking intake. No starters, no desserts.

Tomorrow my visiting friend has requested a cream tea ... not much I can do to make that healthier apart from leave the cream off, and then we have a BBQ in the evening. Plan is to take chicken and some veg skewers along for the grill, avoid bread and just make up a single plateful for myself. Again, I'm going to try and keep the booze intake down - maybe wine spritzers.

Sunday - possibly Sunday roast before my friend leaves mid-afternoon, I reckon that will be ok if I have fruit for breakfast and soup for tea. And Monday is as yet unplanned.

On the upside I did manage to do Body Pump followed by Pilates last night so I feel virtuous if a little achy today.

Right - I shall take my gloom off else where - enjoy your weekends!

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Seren said...

It's tough when the scales don't play ball - I do feel your pain. Yes, we all know that this is a long term commitment and that weight loss isn't linear and that the health benefits of eating well encompass more than straightforward weight loss but...let's face it, the number on the scales is the measure that counts the most.

So I won't tell you to not feel pissed off but I will say don't let being pissed off drag you down this week. Face those challenges with the same positive attitude that you've been writing with lately and hopefully those pesky scales will snap to attention next week.