Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Checking in from Montezuma

I´m still alive - currently holed up in a little town called Montezuma, which is really pretty. Having an amazing trip so far - seen and done so many things in the time we´ve been here already - the wildlife is spectacular, and so close at every turn - we´ve just seen monkeys up the street as we were wandering.

We went on a catamaran trip the other day and saw humpback whales and manta-rays, and on the speedboat transfer to our current destination (I know ... what an awesome taxi ride!) we saw dolphins, and even turtles.

Today´s been the first day that the rain´s actually stopped play for us. We were supposed to be going on a boat trip out to Tortuga Island for the day, but there was a massive storm this morning so it was cancelled. Bit gutted, but given it´s the rainy season, we´ve actually been really lucky with the weather.

Heading off up the coast to Playa Samara tomorrow for a couple of days, which is going to be about a 5 hour drive, because although it´s not far, the roads are terrible!

My eating is staying relatively on track I think .... my clothes still fit at any rate so that´s a fairly good sign! I guess the thing is, I can afford to be a little more relaxed here than I have to be at home, as we tend to be more active during the day. Yesterday we went on a canopy and waterfall tour in the afternoon - 2 hours of monkeying round in canopy of the rain forest flying down zip lines from tree to tree, scrambling down steep steps to the waterfall, jumping in (a 4 metre jump ... I´m so proud of myself as jumping off rocks and from heights is something that scares me), and then climbing back up the rocks to get out, and finally hiking back up to the centre. Today is a bit more relaxed because of the rain, so we´ve wandered into town and I´ve spent the morning sat in a beach bar, sipping diet Pepsi and reading my book.

I´m off now to go lounge in a hammock on our lodging´s upper deck and finish my book and play cards with the girls. Catch ya later!


Zanna said...

It all sounds brilliant - I'm off now to check out exactly where Montezuma is - had only heard of it linked with the word Revenge - for a stomach bug!! Keep on enjoying Zxx

Seren said...

Wow - it all sounds amazing. Glad you're having a good time!


Victoria said...

Sounds like your having a great time, enjoy the rest of your trip.

Runnergirl said...

Sounds like you're having a wonderful trip! Well done you for jumping off that rock, part of the new you!!

Linz M said...

Sounds amazing, so jealous! Have a brilliant time x