Sunday, 1 August 2010

The Sunday blues

Hmmm - so I'm not brilliant at sitting round with not a lot to do. I get bored quickly (gee - who knew?) and then I do exactly what I do at work - I think about food.

I need to make sure I find stuff to do this week. Oh, the irony - I was so looking forward to a week of not doing anything at all, and I find that that's not what I want at all.

Food-wise I didn't do too badly at all through yesterday - I had loads of points left in the evening, which worked well as I ended up going on an impromptu pub crawl - I even had enough left for a few cheesey chips on the way home (oh why, oh why, are they so nice?).

Today nearly went well. I was absolutely fine until dinner time, when I decided to make an ommelette. For a start - I didn't add up how many points that would be til afterwards - total error. And FYI? A 3 egg ommelette is very filling. Almost too filling. Then I was bored. I'm a multi-tasker by nature, i.e. I have a butterfly mind. I struggle to just watch tv without wanting to do something else at the same time, and that's usually eating (and also cruising the internet and reading my book - I have concentration issues). Anyway I'm over points for the day.

I'm also restless because I haven't worked out. Yesterday I walked to Dad's and then round town, and that kept me occupied and out of mischief and earned me extra points and cured the restlessness - tomorrow I need to go for a walk, or go to the gym, hit a class, go for a run - anything to get me moving.

Tomorrow's day of fun will also include an early morning visit to the dentist (joy - just a regular check up, but joy none-the-less), and an afternoon visit to go and get punched in the arm by the nurse with a typhoid jab. Whooop-ti-do - what a day!

In my spare time today, I've cleaned the house and spent £170 in Cotswold Outdoor on kit for CR - new tropical weight down bag, complete with anti-mossie and bedbug treatment, new 30l day pack (Lowe Alpine - very nice), and a new North Face fleece. This trip is getting quite expensive! :o)

Right - so tomorrow - more activity, less food. We all know how that works.

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Julie Lost and Found said...

I battle the food/boredom thing too. I can relate.

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