Sunday, 8 August 2010

Costa Rica!

Hi guys - just thought I'd check in whilst I've got free wifi access!

So here I am in sunny Costa Rica. Actually - right now it's cloudy and cool as we've just had the torrential mid-afternoon cloudburst - haven't seen anything like that for a while!

Had a pretty brutal day of travelling yesterday - we were up at 5am and left by 6, 2 flights of 8 and 5 hours respectively, some hanging around at Newark (I saw New York! But only from the window - sad face. Need to get back there properly one day) and a blissfully quick taxi ride from San Jose airport to our hostel. Seven hour time difference and crash.

Except we couldn't sleep so we're functioning on about 3 hours sleep today.

We're still in Alajuela today - just got back from a trip up the Volcan Poas - cloud forest and volcano craters were on today's list of sights. Alajuela was also a bit of a shock to the system as it's totally obvious here that this is Central America and not like anything I've experienced before! We were out really early this morning and it was like a ghost (shanty) town. People stared at us which was a bit uncomfortable and most of the time when they try and talk to us we haven't a clue what they're saying. The one thing we do understand is when the beggars approach us - it's heartbreaking seeing the condition some of them are in, but there's really very little we can do.

By the time we caught our bus up the volcano it was a little busier so we were comforted to see a few other tourists at the bus station, but we nearly caused a scene as a guy approached us, obviously drunk but not begging, but wouldn't leave us alone and kept trying to make physical contact. In the end the bus station boss came and removed him for us, but there were some angry words between them. Mind you - Bus Station Hero was always going to win that one since he was carrying a baton (which he didn't have to use thankfully) - we felt a but guilty but not sure what we could have done differently.

Food-wise yesterday was fairly diabolical. I think I ended somewhere just over 40 points but then we'd been up so long we ended up eating 5 meals yesterday. When you're stuck on planes for hours on end there's not a lot of choice in what you get, but despite that I'm happy I didn't make bad choices. Cereal for breakfast at half 5, and when we had second breakfast at the airport I picked toast and jam and fruit in favour of cooked breakfast. I tried to stop when I was full where possible and not snack between airline meals.

Today's been better - because I've bought the iPhone along on the trip I can continue to track as I usually would. We've walked quite a bit today which helps - I'm not going to end up being super-strict but try to strike a sensible balance. Ironically, now we're away on holiday Jo's said she doesn't want to think about her diet (changing her mind again from last week) and doesn't really want me reminding her, so I guess I'm running alone a bit here, but I'm sure it'll be fine.

Extra motivation to stay good - my new walking trousers - the only pair of long trousers I have with me and the only quick-dry pair too - are on the snug side. Getting them a bit looser would be nice - and I certainly think they're going to tell me very quickly if I go the other way! The aim for the trip is to get them fitting comfortably and keep them there!

Right - time to go write my diary and read the guidebook now. We're being picked up tomorrow morning and getting the bus down to Dominical on the Pacific coast to start learning to surf - woohoo! On the downside - 5 hour bus trip tomorrow - oh well - lots of time to see the scenery which is certainly spectacular here. Rolling coffee plantations everywhere.

Catch ya later!

Ps - if you're interested - I lost another lb last week and weighed in at 12st 8lbs on Friday. Not the 12st 6lbs I'd wanted but progress anyway.

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