Friday, 19 August 2011

Friday Must Be Weigh Day

Well, by extreme flukiness, rather than any consistent effort on my part this week, I've managed to scrape another 0.5 lb off the week.

I've not really been good enough to deserve that, I don't think, but I'll gratefully take it, and use it as a positive platform to kick off a new week.

It's funny, because I always think it will be easier for me to eat well and lose weight when I'm away from work and all its temptations, but in actual fact, the reverse is true, because I tend to fill my time off with adventures and social occasions.

I have one last weekend of my time off to scrape through, and then it's back to my normal routines - work eating and a regular exercise schedule. And although these two weeks have been fabulous (more on those later), I'm half relieved to return to normality. At least for a little while.

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