Thursday, 4 August 2011


Yep - that was the sound of my frustration.  I thought yesterday that the scales were maybe starting to move finally, but no, straight back up again this morning.

Seriously, I have been eating like a fucking saint for 2+ weeks now, and have got nothing to show for it.  Actually, I have got something to show for.  A half a fricking lb gain.

Ok, ok - I know that I said I would be patient, because I can't control that shit, but I'm seriously starting to lose faith in either my tracking abilities, or the Weightwatchers plan as a whole, because something is not clicking.

Breeeeeeathe.  I said I'd give it 3 weeks, and I'm only at the end of the second full week, so I will faithfully stick it out at least another week in case there's just something weird going on.  It's just ... well .... usually, as soon as I've been on plan a couple of days, I start to lose, so I'm finding it really tough that I've been glued to plan for the 14 days since the scales last graced me with a loss.  It just doesn't feel right.

And no, before you ask, my clothes don't particularly feel any looser either.

I ran last night in humid, sticky heat - another hills session that nearly killed me.  I think I now know how asthmatics feel - I could barely drag air into my lungs at the top of each hill, didn't know how to breathe, and my heart rate was hitting 180 - 195 bpm with each rep.  The session was a 10 or so min jog out to the hill, dynamic stretching for 5 mins, 10 mins of hill sprint reps, another 5 mins of stretching, 5 more mins of hill sprints, a slow 15 min jog back (different route) and another 10 or so of static stretching.  And despite all that recovering and stretching during the session, when I turned my watch off just before the final stretch (at about the 50 min marker), my average heart rate was showing as 165 bpm, with 621 calories burnt. 

The hill can't have been more than 100m - all we had to do was sprint up (80% effort, which is about 100% for me where hills are concerned) and walk / jog back down to recover and go again, but I was seriously dying.  I wasn't fast, especially not compared to some runners in my group, but I did manage to run each of my hill attempts in their entirety right to the end point, so I suppose that's something.

Right - onwards, I suppose.

Hopefully, I'm going to get home today or tomorrow to a shiny new wetsuit sitting on my doorstep!  :o)  I bought my first wetsuit before I'd lost any weight, when I was an 18-20.  Whilst I can still wear it, it obviously doesn't quite the close fit it should have, so it doesn't seal as well these days, so I've splashed out and bought myself a new one - I should have a very smart new Roxy Steamer in a size 14 arriving any day now, just in time for the next couple of surf sessions - and it was an absolute steal because they only had my size left in that particular one so I got it for £69 instead of £132!  Fingers crossed it fits me!


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

The scale's a funny thing. I've found that sometimes my excellent behavior isn't rewarded right away. It's as if my body is hanging on to every pound, to make sure I'm really serious about getting rid of it. After all, it's used to me giving up after a week or two, so why bother getting rid of a pound that we're gonna add right back?

Keep pushing forward and I'm positive you'll achieve the results you're looking for...

Best o' luck.

Fat Daddy said...

There's nothing like a plateau to take the wind out of your sales. I sure get it.

You are working hard and want the results. When that happens I pout and rage and unleash profanity that is seldom heard in civilized society. But when I manage to stick with it. And not cave to the "Why does it even matter?" that is in my head, the plateau breaks.

Don't break. The plateau will.

Seren said...

So frustrating - you've really earned a decent loss.

All the standard pearls of wisdom I'm sure you know anyway - plenty of water, vary your foods, yada yada. I'm just going to keep fingers and toes crossed that the scales start to behave themselves this week to give you the result you deserve. The earlier commenters are dead right - don't let this plateau (and that is ALL it is) get to you.