Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Although I slept a bit better last night and felt a little clearer-headed this morning, I decided to stay off work today. I felt so damn tired yesterday that I'm taking that as my body's cue that it just needs some rest. In fact, I'm pretty rarely ill, but I do tend to sleep it off when I am, and I slept through til noon today once I'd called in to work.

I still can't smell or taste a thing, and I've discovered that there's no compulsion to eat when you can't taste it. In fact, I find it pretty off-putting trying to chew and swallow something I can't taste at all. It's quite interesting really, because I'd always thought it was the action of eating that I found so comforting, but without the taste and smell it becomes meaningless, so it must be more linked to taste and the associations we have with it.

Instead, without a sense of taste, I've had a banana and some water today, because it's all I can be bothered with. It doesn't really seem worth cooking anything else when it will just be so much chewing and no taste.

So, until I get properly hungry, I think I'm going to stay in bed; dozing, reading, watching the odd film, and succumbing to the occasional outbreak of sneezing!

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Peridot said...

That sounds like a healthy response - I always seem to want to eat my way out of illness. Sigh