Sunday, 1 January 2012

A Brand Spanking New Year

And I hereby have 3 resolutions to stick to in 2012:

• make some serious headway on my debt and learn to live within my budget.

• keep healthy eating - maintain the weightloss or lose some more.

• (at the insistence of my good friend Jo) give whatever this is with Chris a fighting chance (please note - I'm too scared to use the "relationship" word).

On that basis - the challenge for January has been issued - start tracking again if necessary, but no more than one "treat" a day this month - chocolate, crisps, cakes are all included - and must be in individual-sized portions. This is designed to make me consider what I really want on an average day.

January will also see me get properly into my half-marathon training. I've completed the first 2 weeks / 4 runs - now it starts in earnest.

So Happy New Year one and all - lets make this one a good one!

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Paul (Fat 4 Now) said...

Happy New Year
Good Luck for 2012 x