Monday, 30 January 2012

Day 3: Clouds

Some days, life just does not cooperate with you. Like it turning out to be a day of solid white sky, when what you really want is clouds to take a picture of. And not leaving the office until after 8 by which time it's a moot point anyway because it's pitch black out!! But, and I guess this is somewhat open to interpretation, the challenge didn't say the photo had to be taken today. So, in a slightly different take on the rules, I revisited my photo archives in search of pretty clouds, and turned up a picture perfect sunset, courtesy of the West coast of Scotland circa 2006 or 07 (I forget which trip it was). So here, for your enjoyment is a summer sunset over Jura, taken by my own fair hands. Just not today :-)

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Gavz said...

Lovely Pic :-)