Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Not Bad For A Start

Yesterday I made a promise on here that I would make the effort to eat right, and I'm pleased to say that I did.  I had an unexpected dinner out to cope with and then the cinema, but I think I did a pretty good job, although I do have to own up to there being a small pic'n'mix at the cinema that probably wasn't entirely warranted.  What can I say - it had been a long and tiresome day, and I'll emphasise the small part of that sentence.

What I always forget when I eat well after a period of, well, not, is that I actually enjoy the feeling of making a decision to balance my eating and occasionally denying myself the silly things.  I know that sounds a bit weird, but there is a small amount of smugness present in making a good choice over a bad one.

Yesterday, in place of all the bad behaviours of Monday and the mistakes I made, were the things I know work.  More fruit and less snacks for one.  The tuck drawer stayed firmly closed at work yesterday, and instead there were bananas and a small pot of fresh fruit salad to eat.  I wasn't hungry until dinner time, when I arrived at the restaurant direct from work as I finished late - and if you're not hungry at dinnertime, then there's not really much point in eating!

Dinner in itself was a small victory as well - we went to Zizzi's and I went in with an idea of what I would have - pasta, with some sort of tomato / vegetable-based sauce, and there it was - one of my staples on the menu - rigatoni with chicken and mushroom in a tomato and rosemary sauce.  Perfect.  I decided against wine when asked (although honestly that would have gone down a treat after the long day), stuck to Diet Coke, and actually stopped when I was full.  I know, it's a shocker. 

I did, as mentioned, have a small pic'n'mix at the cinema, but it was literally about 2 of each thing I wanted, and smaller than my usual.  I'd even remembered a bottle of water to dodge having another fizzy drink.  I went to bed last night feeling like I'd made good choices, and it's been a while since I think I could say that.

The proof of course, is in the morning.  Not the fact that the scales had dropped almost a lb since yesterday's eye-opener, but that I didn't feel as bloated for a change.  The clothes are still tight, but I feel a bit better in myself. 

I want to use yesterday as a spring-board, a platform to build from.  I work best with small challenges and goals - breaking down the big stuff into something achievable and non-threatening - especially whilst I'm trying to find my feet again.  So, today is another day of challenging myself to stick to the plan.  Easier than yesterday, or at least less strewn with obstacles, because it's a non-social night, my flatmates will be out this evening, and all I have on the agenda tonight is a nice, easy 40 min run (in my new trainers!).  I want to be able to come and report another sucess to you tomorrow - just without the pick'n'mix!

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