Saturday, 7 January 2012

Sound Choices

Sound choice no. 1 - went to the supermarket last night to forage for some food (I have a cold and didn't feel like cooking properly and there wasn't much in the flat). I bought Ben and Jerry's and ate a small portion from a proper (small) bowl and the rest went straight back in the freezer. Sound choice no. 2 - went for a run after work this evening. I knew I needed to get my long run in this weekend, and I suspected procrastinating would make it worse. So I got home from work, got changed and went straight out again. 55 mins steady running in the bag. 4.5ish miles slow but comfortable. Done. Sound choice no. 3 - I have a cold so I treated myself to a Thai curry this evening to see if I could taste anything. I could - it was nice. Nicer still was dishing myself up a sensible portion of rice and curry, having 2 of the 4 satay skewers to accompany it, and actually putting everything else in the fridge so I can't go back for seconds I don't need. Revolutionary behaviour from me. Sound choice no. 4 - turning down 3 separate invitations for fun things to do tonight (gig, house party and cinema) because I'm tired, a bit poorly and don't have much money left this month. And because it's ok to say no and selfishly spend the evening on the sofa instead. I think the good eating behaviours are rubbing off from the Mindless Eating book. One the over-riding themes is how we respond to portions and availability / convenience of food. Dishing up a proper portion and putting the rest out of sight is good behaviour to prevent over-eating, according to the book, as apparently we're intrinsically lazy creatures and if it's not totally at hand, we're far less likely to actually be bothered to eat it. Seems to have worked on those 2 occasions! Other than that's it been a day of work (depressing) punctuated by a phonecall from Chris to cheer me up and check I hadn't thrown myself out the office window in frustration (difficult since they don't open). Tomorrow I off to go and pick up my new baby - my first ever surfboard!!!! - Posted from my iPhone


Paul (Fat 4 Now) said...

Happy New Year
Good luck for 2012

Seren said...

Ooooh, be sure and post a picture of the board!

The thing about portions is so true. Out of sight out of mind is definitely true for me when it comes to food - well done you for putting it into proper practice.