Monday, 30 January 2012

Random Quizziness

I was searching through my blog directory the other day, for a post I'd started and not yet finished, and I ended up flipping the view to drafts .... what I found were a number of posts that had never seen the light of day. 

Below was a quiz that was obviously doing the rounds at the time - it dates back to some time in 2009, and God knows why it never got posted, but I found it interesting looking to see how some of my answers have changed since then.  I was obviously in the phase of my weightloss when I was committed and going great guns, and relishing my decreasing clothes size.  I can see I had a lot of hopes and dreams, and that some have stayed the same, and others have moved right along since then.

It's trivial, but I thought it might be quite fun to post it, but with updates for the bits that have changed.

  • What is your current obsession? Losing weight and getting fitter - it's pretty much taken over my life!  2012 Sue:  Hmmmmm, but there's so much more to life than losing weight (well, now I've lost a fair chunk anyway), so right now I'd say it's surfing.  Or maybe running, since I seem to be doing a lot of that right now!
  • What are you wearing today? Smart black work trousers, a sandy-creamy coloured knitted top with short-sleeves and cut-out detail (actually really pretty - I appreciate that it sounds weird), flat tan sandles with a plaited thong down the front, miscellaneous jewellery as per usual, and my sunglasses are still perched on top of my head from sitting out at lunchtime.  2012 Sue:  The good old black work trousers never change do they!  Except I'm wearing a smaller pair now, so wide-leg black trousers, black suede pumps with tassels and metal detail, a long-sleeve purple jersey top with the sleeves pushed up, dark grey sleeveless jumper over it, cropped black jacket on top, purple and silver long multi-strand necklace, and as before random miscellaneous jewellery.
  • What’s for dinner? Errr - I've run out of points already - anybody know of anything for negative 2 points?? So possibly a walk then!  2012 Sue:  Haha, nothing changes!  Actually I've got a few points left today, so probably pasta and veg, after a run.
  • What’s the last thing you bought? White jeans, blue and white striped vest top and the black trousers I'm wearing.  2012 Sue:  Flamin' expensive running socks!
  • What are you listening to right now? The window blinds fluttering in breeze from the open window.  2012 Sue:  The low hum of conversation in the office.
  • If you could go anywhere in the world for the next YEAR, where would you go? The world. All over it. I pretty much want to see the whole thing - the South Pacific and Australia / NZ, South America, North America and Canada, Africa, Russia, Asia. Just leave out Europe as I've seen large chunks of it already.
  • Which language do you want to learn? I keep thinking about picking up German again.  2012 Sue:  Or possibly Spanish after going to Central America in 2010.
  • What do you love most about where you currently live? The view from my window and that I'm surrounded by family and friends.  2012 Sue:  My friends for taking me in, and that I'll have a new flat next Tuesday!
  • What is your favorite colour? Probably the colour of tropical seas.
  • What is your favorite piece of clothing in your own wardrobe? Everything in a size 16 lol!  2012 Sue:  Tricky - my wardrobe's pretty well stocked with items I love and that make me feel good these days.  I'm not sure I have a favourite though, maybe my navy silk dress from Coast, or an awesome fitting pair of jeans?  Most worn is probably my denim mini-skirt from French Connection and my long brown leather boots.
  • Describe your personal style? Changeable - I dress myself up as different people depending on how I'm feeling! It's my armour against the world.  2012 Sue:  Still changeable, but less armour and more an expression of how I'm feeling now.  I've mellowed.
  • If you had £300 now, what would you spend it on? I'd love to say handbags, but realistically my credit card bill.  2012 Sue:  Nothing bloody changes!
  • What are you going to do after this? Jump on a controllership conference call at work.  2012 Sue:  Different job, more work.
  • Your favorite smell? How it smells in hot weather when it's just rained - kind of dusty but fresh. And old books.
  • Do you collect anything? Clothes, debts and lbs on my hips I think!
  • What makes you follow a blog? It varies - sometimes a sense of humour, sometimes they do something I admire and aspire too, sometimes just a sense of understanding and comradeship with that person.
  • What's your favorite drink? An icey cold vodka and tonic!
  • What’s one thing you dream of doing? Being financially sucessful and running my own business.
  • What is your biggest regret? So many - getting into debt, not getting a hold on my eating earlier, not grabbing opportunities or making them for myself, not telling my mum I loved her every day when I had the chance.
  • What is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day? Curl up and listen to it outside.
  • Do you have a tattoo? No.
  • What are your favorite books? Anything that offeres me a bit of escapism to a better place.
  • Are you left handed, right handed, ambidextrous, or a little of both? A little bit of both - my right hand's my dominant one, but then sometimes I'm convinced that my left is my right as that feels stronger.
  • What is your favorite fruit? Mango!
  • Blackberry or iPhone? I'm thinking of getting an iPhone shortly.  2012 Sue:  I thought, I got, I'm on a new model of the same now.
  • What/Who inspired you to start your blog? I can't remember - I think it was a tip on the WW's forums when I started and I thought it might be a good idea - Bryher's was probably the first one I read.
  • What are you most happy about today? That my weekend starts in just under 2 hours.  2011 Sue:  That the scales dropped back under 13 st this morning!

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