Thursday, 26 January 2012


That's how I feel today.  Partly with myself, and partly with the universe.

I'd forgotten that my professional subs for the year were due, so had to fork out £200 yesterday to pay them, which has demolished most of my over-payment for my credit card this month.  I will try hard and claw some of that back from my monthly spending money, but it seems unlikely that I'll get anything close to as much as I wanted paid to them this month.

My headphones also chose this week to break, so that's another thing I'll have to spend on (I use them every day on my walk to and from work, and then at work when I need to concentrate and block everyone else out). 

What really irked me yesterday though (irked - isn't that a great word?  Seriously?) was I went for a run in my brand new trainers, which cost me £100 on Sunday and took around 40 mins to fit, and had to cut my run short at 30 mins because I could already feel that my left instep was forming a blister.  Really not good. 

Not only did I get the blister (luckily, I realised and walked the last bit home, but it's still a good centimetre long by nearly as much wide), but my right foot still ached.  These trainers were meant to help with that, but it started aching 10 mins into the run and stayed there on and off.  Not being an expert on feet, I don't know whether that should have stopped straight away with the new trainers or is like a bruise that will take a while to clear up, but I have to admit I was disappointed.

This all lead to me getting home and doing something a bit silly.  We had tons of leftovers from the Chinese we had on Monday, so I had a plateful for tea, which was fine as I had points for it.  What I didn't have points for was the entire bag of prawn crackers I slowly munched my way through.  There is absolutely no point in me being saintly during the day if I do that in the evening.

I suppose really, if I'm going to be fair, yesterday did have some poisitve points.  I was good during the rest of the day, despite there being cakes and sweets galore in the office.  I did get a run, and I ran for 30 mins at a reasonable pace (a tiny bit slower than usual, but that was probably due to me stopping to try and figure out what was going on with my blister) and I felt pretty comfortable with the run itself.  I am upset about the money, but at least I'm in a position where I can pay that in cash and still make some small overpayment to my card this month - that's certainly better than where I was last year.

So yesterday was a bit of a fail on my eating challenge, but that's the beauty of new days - there's always time to start over and begin again.

I am a bit worried about the trainer / feet situation, as I feel like I can't be missing runs at this point in my training.  It's going to be a hard enough job getting fit enough to run the half marathon in time, without breaks to sort my feet out, so I have an alternative plan for the moment.  Luckily, I didn't throw my old trainers out, so I think the plan is to give Moti a call and ask for advice on my new trainers, and hopefully they'll say come back for a re-fit (which is part of their service), and in the mean-time I'll continue to run my long runs in my old trainers, which at least don't blister my feet.  Then I can try the new trainers again on next week's short run, by which time my blister will have healed hopefully.

It's always all about the plans, isn't it?

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Peridot said...

I definitely think the shop should change your trainers - you're not getting the service they say they give.

Have a good weekend.