Thursday, 7 January 2010

Finding my WW's legs again

Control!! Hellooooooooooo! Nice to see you again! I've missed you so much!

Oh yes - I've found that little thing called self-control, I'm back on track where I should be. We had a fab walk out on the hills yesterday, hiking up to the top of the Beacon in the snow which was a foot deep in places. The boys and I double-timed it up there which was pretty hard work as the paths had been sledged so smooth at some points that every footstep up slid back as far as you'd just stepped, but we'd started out quite late so needed to make best use of the remaining light. We had fun in the snow when we got to the top - I made snow angels and we took action shots of us jumping into the drifts, before practically getting blown off our feet when we got right to the mapping point at the summit.

We had quite a rapid walk back down in the failing light, before going for an impromptu sledging session down the last steep, steep set of S bends. Great fun, followed by a hot chocolate in the pub on the way home - it felt like skiing already - can't wait for that, and only a week to go!!!!

Today I've had another snow day, but working from home this time. Actually, I'm a bit hacked off, as I spent 45 mins trying to clear the car and get it dug out this morning to go to work, but couldn't get the car loose of it's snowy grave. So I set up camp in the living room and got down to work - but my boss seemed to take personal exception to my non-appearance in the office, like it was something I could help. I wouldn't mind so much, but it's a bit of a double-standard when she's currently out of the office because her little girl's off nursery again. It seems that it's perfectly ok for her to take time out all the time for her kid, but god help me when I can't get through 6 inches of snow to drive 26 miles to work. Grrrrrr!!!!

So, it's not been the best day work-wise, but my food's gone well. I'm on target with my points, and I had a little play around on the Wii Fit mid-afternoon, just to give myself a break and move around a bit.

I've got to go downstairs in a bit and try and dig the car out properly this time (shovel required) as I really need it tomorrow. Both because I think my boss might actually go spare if I don't get in to the office tomorrow, and also because I've got my re-booked ski lesson at Snowdome tomorrow, and they won't move it again if I don't make it. Incentive indeed!!

Weigh in tomorrow morning, but don't be surprised if I don't report anything, as I'm fully expecting it to be way up. It's been pretty up all week, and I realised TOTM was here again this morning, so I don't expect it to be pretty. I'm working now on having a good week before skiing.

Finally, I couldn't decide whether I was happy or sad earlier when I got an email from the race organisers for Saturday to say they're delaying the race until next month as the Forest of Dean is unusable at the moment. I'm a bit sad in one way, but I'm still woefully unprepared to be able to put in a decent time at the moment, so the extra 5 or so weeks are a god-send!


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Sorry I was hogging all the self-control there for a bit, but now I'm happy to share some again.

Linz M said...

Good work on the self control - mine is still hiding somewhere but I am working on it!

I can imagine the double standards from your boss are slightly annoying, mine is the same and uses his kids as an excuse fairly often to stay at home.

I am refusing to even attempt to get to work after my 9 hour journey on my last trip from the office in the snow. Take care if you do manage to dig the car out!


Watching and Weighting said...

um jack? could i get some of the self control please?? and my lovely starry! happy new yeeeaaaarr!!! i missed u! xxxxxxxxxxxx

kate said...

so it's you who's stolen my self control! good work though. my 14 days of nothing has resulted in a few pounds gained. too much xmas cheese and chocolate just lying around saying hello.

hope you get to your ski session. bit ironic if you couldn't because you were snowed in. actually that's only ironic if you're alanis morissette, in real life it's just bloody annoying ;)

Claire xx said...

Glad to hear you are enjoying your self-control!
I had to work from home today - it took me an hour to get 10minutes!
Hope you had a good ski lesson!
Claire xx