Friday, 29 January 2010

Not quite what I wanted

Weigh in today didn't quite go the way I wanted it to, but that wasn't entirely unexpected. I hate to admit it but the scales crept up another lb to leave me at 12st 12.5lbs.

I've been eating properly since Monday this week but the scales have continued to creep up through the week, which is frustrating but I guess it's still the after-affects of last week's excesses, and I mustn't let it distract me from what I'm doing this week.

Yesterday was another day within my points - I ended up with a slight switch towards dinner time as I made Thai turkey burgers for tea and chose to swap my planned dessert for an extra burger, but over all I was still within my limits by the end of the day.

I also went to my first Body Balance class since Xmas last night and it was so nice to be back, although I was feeling most unbendy. I'd also managed to eat too much dinner too soon before the class so that felt a bit uncomfortable - I MUST take more care with my portion sizes of vegetables as I had way more than I actually needed to be comfortably full.

So. Plans to make next week better. Keep planning my food for the whole day in advance. More activity. Be realistic with my portion sizes. Sleep.

The planning has been good so I think that's something I should stick with for a bit. Activity-wise I've only done 2 sessions this week and I've felt pretty sluggish. Next week I'm scheduled to do at least 4 classes, including the new and experimental Aerojam on Sunday, so that should help with my energy levels. I want to practice using smaller plates for meals this week and leaving stuff when I'm full. And finally, I want to get some more sleep - I've been going to bed too late the past couple of days and then feeling terrible in the morning so I shall make an effort to remedy that.

Right - back to work, then my afternoon off and the Imax tonight to see Avatar in 3D with friends.

Catch ya later. Xx

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