Saturday, 16 January 2010


I think I might actually have died and gone to heaven. I'm in bliss. After a somewhat longer than expected train journey to get here we were informed that Eurostar are going to give us free return tickets as compensation - flipping brilliant since the delay was on an overnight train and we were all busy sleeping and chilling and barely noticed it!

Our chalet is lovely and the staff are really friendly. Once we'd dumped all our bags this morning and been presented with our ski gear, we bombed out for a quick mountain descent on wide blues before lunch. Blues are steeper than I remember them around here, but much fun was had. We stopped for crepes for lunch by our chalet (yum - crepes with apples in calvados and caramel sauce!) and I'd had a quick confab with the chalet staff re my skis because my left one popped off 4 times in the morning, we yomped off again for another couple of hours of non-stop action. I'm totally in love with my 149 Rossignol twin-tips in retro fluoro 90's colours that are both girly and co-ordinate with my jacket - winner!!!! Light, flexible and forgiving and absolutely great.

We came back just as dusk was starting to be greeted with home-made scones with jam and cream - also very tastey. After a quick wind-down, a hot shower then out to the hot-tub on the deck under the stars. We're just back in and chilling in the living room - sprawled on a sofa by the log fire listening to the click of pool balls in the background and waiting for what smells like a pretty tastey dinner.

Food this week will be a challenge as we get a full breakfast every day, cakes in the afternoon and a 3 course dinner with wine every evening. So far my appetite seems to have deserted me a little bit - I ate on the journey yesterday but not excessively, and today I really don't have much inclination to go back for seconds at the cake table or raid my cake stash in my bag. I did look at my little "fear notes" this morning, but that was it.

Fab day and looking forward to an awesome week. Xx

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Location:Le Verney,Bourg-Saint-Maurice,France

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trio said...

Sounds like heaven! Try not to worry about food you are on holiday!