Friday, 29 January 2010

A tale of woe

Ugh - I'm feeling a bit depressed now. I just updated my own personal weight tracker with this week's horrible number at the scales, and because I technically didn't weigh in last Friday the total number this week was the full gain: 6.5lbs.

Just horrible.

That puts me back to what I weighed mid-October when I got to that for the first time. It then took me til right to the end of the year just to slog down through the next half a stone. That half a stone took longer than any of the previous whole stones took. And now I'm right back where I was and for the first time actually starting to wonder if I can do this.

The Twelves seem to be cursed for me and the longer I wallow in them the more frustrated I get. When I don't look at the bigger picture I'm able to stay more positive, but the truth is that I can feel my confidence in my ability to suceed starting to slide away. And I so don't want it to!!!! I desperately want to do this - I really, REALLY do.

Ok - wallow over. Baby steps.

First step - get the bloody scales moving down again - however small.

Second step - crawl back to 12st 6lbs and 4 stone gone.

Third step - slow and steady progress past that and into new territory - I live for the day I see 11st something on the scale - I've NEVER seen that before. NEVER.

And I badly want to. First steps first then - ANYTHING down - just get back past that 50lbs gone (half a lb away this morning).

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Linz M said...

I feel your pain, I'm back where I was at the beginning of November and its seeming like a never ending battle to get any lower.

You know you can do this though and you have done so brilliantly well so far - you totally inspire me to get on and do it myself.

You'll get there, in the words of Journey (or the cast of Glee if that floats your boat) "Don't Stop Believin'" :)


Sara said...

I totally believe you can do this, which is also why I've nminated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Hope that gives you an extra little confidence boost :)

Jaframity said...

You have my every sympathy, having recently set myself back in much the same way. You know you can tackle this. You've shown in every post a determination to succeed that has me green with envy. You will get there.

Anonymous said...

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