Monday, 1 February 2010

Check me out!!!

Oh yes, my lovelies, check me out indeed!!! I'm back in the zone and survived a weekend that involved an overnight girls' night and a cinema trip with only a 4 point excess to show for it!!!

I thank you very much!!! You can stop applauding now! ;-)

Soooooooo - I know - long time, no post. Sorreeeeeee!!! What can I say - I was having too much fun!

Friday felt like one of those hungry days when you just can't stop thinking about damn food. Thanks to the planning I largely stayed on plan through morning at the office. Ironically, having been obsessing over food all morning I wasn't hungry by the time I got home at about half 2.

Typical, but I took advantage of that. Since the sun was shining on the way home, I dragged my trainers on as soon as I got home and set out for my first outdoor run of the year. Boy, it felt like hard work, but despite more walking breaks than usual I actually completed my short circuit in 26 mins which is a min or two quicker than usual! Guess I must have been running faster and that was why I needed the breaks. On a booooooo side - in typical fashion as soon as I got round the first corner it started to snow on me and proceeded to keep snowing in various intensities until 5 mins before I got home. Which is rubbish news when you're out running in capris and a fleece!!! My hands were so cold that they took a painful 5 mins to defrost in the shower when I got back. Ouch.

I had a nice quiet afternoon after that although the nibbles were still with me so I used some of my running activity points to snack sensibly.

Friday evening I went to the cinema to see Avatar with Bridget, but it was annoyingly sold out when we arrived so we saw It's Complicated instead. We whiled away the time til the later showing in the pub over the road catching up on several weeks worth of gossip (over Diet Coke) and I totally enjoyed my (pre-pointed) pic'n'mix with the film. And the film was pretty good too although I was so tired that I was struggling to stay awake by the end of it.

I had another lovely quiet day on Saturday as I walked into town to take some books back to the library in the morning and to go and get lots of lovely fresh fruit from the supermarket. After that and a healthy lunch I rocked into Worcester for a couple of hours of shopping with Sheena. I was really pleased to get some great bargains from TK Maxx, somewhere I usually hate, as I got a new work out top for the gym, a technical t-shirt for biking, running and spin, and a proper lightweight windproof / showerproof shell for biking / running all for £40!!!! Super happy about that as I've been coveting a running / biking jacket for months (a proper one that's cut high at the front and properly low at the back)- and I picked this one up for £16!!

Now, I have to admit that I forgot to do my food planning for Saturday until Saturday morning, but I was really pleased with how it worked. I went to a girls' night at Bridget's in the evening and it was so nice to turn up knowing that my dinner and a couple of glasses of wine were already planned in for the day, and I had some spare points on top for cakes. And oh my god were there cakes!!!! Home made ones from the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook which I got Bridget for Xmas. French Fancies. Mini chocolate eggs donated by Sheena.

Yes, I was over my points for Saturday as I indulged and had cake. But the planning meant that it wasn't catastrophic for my week or even my weekend. Nice!!

Yesterday morning we very groggily dragged ourselves out of bed and out to the gym for 10am to sample this new Aerojam class. My god, it was the funniest thing I've done for a while!!!! The music was super-loud and up-to-date chart music (think Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and Beyonce), the instructor was a hyper-active, super enthusiastic loon and the instructions ran something along the lines of "gyrate!! And now the other way!" "touch yourselves - be sexy, ladies!!!" "show me some attitude" and many more gems! The class is a mixture of aerobics, dance, Bodyjam and whatever else Tabitha feels like throwing in. There's street dance moves, hip-hop, Latin, and funky variations on traditional grape-vines and box steps, as well as a lot of jogging around and what seemed like an endless set of lunges. It certainly worked me hard - my HRM read out an average heart rate of 157 over 58 mins at the end of the class, maxed out at 181 and with an estimated burn of 635 calories!!! It also showed me that while I might think I can dance, I'm not always that co-ordinated, but I did have a smile on my face for pretty much the whole class, so I'll definitely give that another go next week.

I spent yesterday afternoon looking on the Internet at possible options for my big trip at the end of the year. It's so exciting, but I also feel anxious about such a big step. Eeeek - even just planning it is putting me outside my comfort zone!!! Well, I guess that's a good thing as it was part of the reasoning behind the whole trip.

I finished yesterday on another good day of eating and planned out today's food yesterday evening. I've deviated slightly from my plan already as I'd forgotten there'd be birthday cakes today, but I picked sensibly and I've adjusted my plan accordingly, so I'm still on track for a good day.

Happy Monday everybody!! Xx

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Linz M said...

Good work, sounds like you are firmly back on track. Planning is definitely the key - unfortunately I forgot to do that all weekend and ended up not being overly good at all!

Aerojam sounds cool, I need to see if there is something like that at my gym - sounds like my kinda thing.

Your trip will be amazing, how exciting having something like that to work towards. Jealous!!


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

You sure seem to be squandering a lot of your youth having fun. What's up with that?