Thursday, 18 February 2010

Back in the ring for round 2 (and what the hell are my scales talking about??)

I love you guys. Like seriously, have I mentioned recently how awesome you are. You are world-class at picking me up when I'm edging along the ledge.

Have I also mentioned recently how much I DON'T like my scales. They are really messing with my mind.

Yesterday - 13st 0.8lbs - Sue is staring into the abyss ready to jump.

Today - 12st 11.8lbs. Sue is EXTREMELY confused.

I would like nothing more right now than to chuck the sodding things out the window and watch springs and things bouncing around when they smash on the ground 2 storeys below. Or to at least hide them and ignore them. But I have to admit it: my name is Sue and I'm a scale junkie. God damn it, but they rule me and I'm dependent. If they are there then I have to step on them and I feel lost without them because I'm convinced I'll put on weight the second I stop checking on them. Ugh.

And breeeeeathe.

Anyhoo - ignoring the scales and the gibberish they are speaking - yesterday was good. Ironic, really, that in the midst of my doom, gloom and scales-related depression, I can still pull a good day out of the bag.

Having a bigger breakfast than usual kept me full all morning, and my soup and sandwich kept me full all afternoon, so no snacking, which made a really nice change. And then I went to the gym for a cardio workout after work.

It's been ages since I did this - went to the gym other than to attend a class or just run on the treadmill, and I realised how effective it could be. I've got so used to how intense classes and running are, and hooked on how many points I can earn in a relatively short time, that I've been dismissing the normal gym as too easy. What an idiot!!! Yeah, ok, so I might find the X-trainer and rowing machines a lot easier than prancing round punching and kicking for an hour, but it sure cranked my heart-rate up!! In fact, it was really quite an enjoyable workout. 45 mins: 20 mins X-trainer, 10 mins stepper, 10 mins run, 5 mins ergo rower, 1 sweaty Sue, average heart rate 156, 550 calories burned.

I guess doing short intervals means I get less bored and work harder because I know I'll be on to a different set of muscles imminently.

So yesterday in summary: workout completed, points banked, 1 sneaky glass of wine consumed with dinner, and in bed by midnight. Not bad.

Onwards, troopers!!!

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Jaframity said...

My name is Jacqueline and I'm a scaleaholic....

But, hooray for you! I'm inclined to go with the lesser weight as it seems more realistic than you gaining when you're on track. There seems to have been a mysterious outbreak of dodgy scales in blogland lately - I was a victim a couple of weeks back myself.

(I'm blanking out all your talk of exercise, as it's giving me a major attack of the guilts. :D)

Linz M said...

See - the scales are bloody fickle things. Mine are totally irrantional.

Glad to hear you are ignoring them :)

One good day leads to another and all that so its good to hear you're getting back at it.

Here's to another good day!

Zanna, travelling tart said...

I'm a daily scale jumper too - but having got to my ripe age have realised that even when your scales are accurate your body can be doing all kinds of strange things with fluids. My guideline is that if I know I've been doing the right thing then it must be fluid but I take it as a wake up call if I know I've been messing around. Lovely photo of you! Zxx

Zanna, travelling tart said...

Love that photo of you - you've got such a beautiful happy face - so full of life and mischief! So glad to hear that all's well with Ricky and as they say every cloud has a silver lining - it's upped your exercise programme without you even thinking about it. Zxx

A Girl Called Dave said...

You look amazing, I really hope you can see all your hard work really is paying off. Your face looks so thin, don't give up!