Sunday, 21 February 2010

Snow again.

Oh my lord it's been a busy couple of days, so excuse the absence in blogging!

Thursday night was chaos because the snow suddenly came back, and whilst it was busy snowing hard on my home-town, the area where my office is wasn't seeing any of it, so I kind of had no idea what was going on! Having not looked at a weather forecast in days either, I was totally non-prepared for snow, and was wearing silly pretty shoes and had no warm clothing with me, so you can imagine me getting a little panicked as my friends and Dad all contacted me to say we had 6 inches of snow which was hellishly slippy, and even Jon's 4 wheel drive car couldn't get up the hill home! I don't get a lot of sympathy at work as far as the weather's concerned - they're far more worried about me getting whatever "urgent, critical" deadline it is out the way, but I eventually just decided to leave an hour early to at least try and avoid the rush hour on the way home.

I had a bit of a nightmare journey as I lost control of the car at one point (only going at 30mph on a big open road too) and skidded about 100m before bumping the car in front. Luckily, it was the slowest, gentlest shunt it could possibly have been without avoiding them altogether, and all I've got to show for it is a cracked number plate, but you can imagine I was a bit shaken after that. I also had to stop at the outdoor store on the way home to grab a pair of wellies in case I did have to abandon the car, as I'd very cleverly never put mine back in the car after the last snow a couple of weeks ago, and I'd left the house in little flat leather pumps that morning - genius!

I did eventually make it home in one piece (and ironically all the way up the hill to the flat first time), but saw plenty of cars being pushed, and buses abandoned at the side of the road. Anyway, you can imagine that after that sort of day, I was a bit devil-may-care with my attitude to food in the evening, and I was a few points over in the end.

However .... the scales have been kind to me this week and at weigh in on Friday, I lost ..... duh, duh, duuuuuuuh .... 1.5lbs!!!!

I can't tell you how chuffed I am with that after the funk I've been in recently! The scales actually dropped again yesterday morning too by a couple of lbs, and whilst I know they probably won't stay there just yet, it's so nice to see those numbers again.

Friday was another icky day of stress. After Thursday night's adventures getting home I decided not to brave the snow again and to work from home. Which pissed my boss off. I really don't think she likes me, and as a result she gave me a list of work a mile long to complete so that I could prove I was actually working from home and not annoy my colleagues who don't have the capacity (i.e. a work laptop) to work from home themselves. WTF???? It's not like either of my team-mates care that I work from home occasionally - especially seeing as they both live within 5 miles of work and I live 26 miles away, and we all work as hard as each other (hello - I worked 3 hours over last Friday with bugger all thanks for it). So I fail to see how me having to do extra work to "prove myself" is justified!!!

On top of that, my secure network connection for work started playing silly buggers and was soooooo slow that I wasn't getting anywhere, never mind the ridiculous list of stuff I'd been given to do getting completed. I rang my boss to explain, and to suggest I just book the time off as holiday (which is standard site practice for people taking snow days at my work), and she basically told me I couldn't and if I couldn't do the work at some point over the weekend, I'd have to make up the hours next week. Grrrrrrrr.

Now I think most of this has to do with the fact that she is very stressed out currently and the work is required for a meeting next Wednesday, but the way it was all conveyed to me .... well, it sucked. Extensively. Consequently, I shall be tarting up my CV later this afternoon with a view to approaching the recruitment agencies - I've had enough of this shit. After I've done the sodding work that is!

Once I'd finished gnashing my teeth over the unfairness of it all, I decided it was high time I restocked my pathetically empty fridge with healthy fare for the coming week, and buggered off to the supermarket and shops for a bit of retail therapy. A lot of food, a lovely pair of shoes and a black lacy top later, I was feeling much saner.

I rounded off the day with a lovely meal cooked by Sheena and some trashy rom-coms - The Ugly Truth and The Proposal (both pretty good incidentally).

Yesterday dawned bright, and relatively snow-free, so after a refreshing night's sleep, I voluntarily pulled on my work out gear as soon as I got up and trudged off down the road to the gym for 45 mins sweat. I then sprinted off to meet Jo and Lissa for a day of silliness followed by a cheesey night out. We played indoor mini-golf, danced, took a lot of silly pictures and had fun. Then I went home and felt very sick, because drinking wine kills me at the moment!

Right - I suppose I'd best try and get some of that sodding work done then!


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Zanna, travelling tart said...

Congratulations on the loss - makes you feel so good! You poor things getting even more snow - I don's miss that at all! Zxx