Monday, 22 February 2010

Just a quickie ....

Hey guys,

Just a quick check in on where I'm at today. Had an ok day on the food today, although I got a little too distracted by the goodies that someone had bought back from a weekend trip to Amsterdam. Still - I banked points for the day, so that's not so bad.

Lesson learned for the day - when I'm really, really hungry, it doesn't take that much to fill me up. Get. It. In. My. Thick. Skull. I didn't do too badly at dinner time - I just had half a pack of fresh vegetable ravioli, with a little bit of Flora Extra Light spread, and a sprinkle of half-fat grated cheddar, and then piled the rest of the plate high with fresh spinach. The secret seems to be to make sure everything is suitable seasoned so that I can properly taste it and therefore remember eating each bit, and don't just wolf it down in a rush.

I missed my spin class (again) today as I was late leaving the office, but I shuffled off to the gym to do 45 mins cardio anyway, so I've done my thing and got my sweat on for the day.

Yet again this week, I'm planning on trying to stay away from the alcohol and get plenty of activity and sleep in. Same old, same old.

Only other news is that I've just finished re-writing my CV and have shot it off to the first recruitment consultant. Eeeeek! Either everything will go in a rush now and I won't know where I'm at, or nothing at all will happen. Just have to wait and see, I guess, but it was time to stop moaning about my job and do something about it. Especially as they announced this morning that not only has our bonus from last year been axed (not unduly surprising given the current economic climate, but frustrating as they had us working harder than ever last year to try and hit the targets), but the bonus scheme has now been suspended til further notice (i.e. eternity). So that, together with the pay freeze we're already in the middle of, and the ever increasing hours, is basically a paycut, or a big, fat slap in the face, depending on which way you look at it. I don't like it either way!

That's all from me today, muchacos (or however the hell you spell that) - later!


Linz M said...

Good work with the points banking, I'm desperately trying to claw back but it's like a demon in my head telling me I am hungry, when in fact I am not.

I've come to realise that I spend my whole time thinking about food, apart from the time I am actually shovelling it down my neck. I need to take a leaf out of your book and make sure I enjoy my food more and therefore remember eating it. I do tend to feel fuller much quicker if I take notice of what is going on. Lesson learnt by me too :)

The work situation sounds pretty sucky, don't blame you for looking for something else. I think a lot of companies are using the recession as an excuse to be honest. Good luck!

Hope the snow has now gone up in your neck of the woods, your jounrey on Thursday sounded fairly hideous.


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