Saturday, 27 February 2010

New plan

It turns out I've figured out how to maintain, but not how to lose at the moment. After an admittedly fairly not-on-plan week I'm back up 2lbs and rather frustrated with myself. On top of that TOTM arrived this morning so that's probably not helping any.

I'm using that frustration to drive me forward. Another clean fresh week in the Weight Watcher tracker and I have to admit that when they're empty they're so full of possibility.

I'm trying a slightly new tack for the next couple of weeks. As I keep tripping up recently and I'm going to try and at least put a little control on the situation and limit that to one day a week. So, and we'll see how this goes, for the next couple of weeks I'm going to have a one day a week, to be used as and when required, when I can eat whatever it is I've been craving and get it out my system.

Let me clarifiy - this is not a binge day or a regularly scheduled free day with a free excuse to go crazy - this is just a way for me to let off a little steam and limit my recent bad eating to one day a week whilst still being mindful, and start to refind my missing mojo.

This week's day was yesterday when I had some pizza and wine - but I watched what I ate for the rest of the day and thoroughly enjoyed everything I ate. The thought of this system leaves me feeling a little more in control and less panicky, as I've been finding the Weight Watchers plan so hard to stick to recently.

I've hit a temporary block whereby I've been at this a while and feel restricted and I'm fighting it. I know that the WW's plan isn't truly restrictive but I'm just finding myself a bit resentful recently of the constant counting and decision-making required. So whilst I get my brain past that point I need to do something to limit the damage and this is my version of a safety-valve - a day in the week when I can have whatever food-of-the-week it is that I've really been wanting without beating myself up.

Exercise this week was good - I've gymmed twice and done Combat and Balance - 4 good workouts.

I've also given myself an incentive to get out of this current pit - if, no when, I get back to 12st 6lbs (4 stone off) I can buy myself the Abercrombie and Fitch jumper I've been salivating over for months now .... never underestimate the power of clothes on me - hopefully the thought of the jumper will win over the food!!!

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kate said...

it's really impressive the way you keep re-evaluating and you always seem to come up with a solution. not give up! keep up with the gym sessions too, will definitely give you that 'warm glow'