Wednesday, 24 February 2010

More woes

For today's tale of trauma, I present exhibit A: my broken down car.

See this face?

Not a happy one, is it? That is the face of some poor schmuck who's just been stung for an extra £90 to join the AA on top of the normal premium, because she forgot to do it earlier.


So whilst I'm sitting here slowly losing the sensation in my fingers and toes (it's cold enough to see my breath) and waiting for my knight in a shining recovery van to appear, I thought I'd tag in and say howdee.

I could not stop eating yesterday - just hungry all day!! First thing in the office I was starving but then worked out I was also freezing and put the heater on which seemed to help. But it wasn't a great day overall and I think part of that was because I was in so early getting the deadlines done that it throws my whole food timetable out the window.

By the time I was driving home last night all I could think about was fish and chips, so I stopped off and got myself a little portion with a baby portion of cod and a small portion of chips, and I savoured every mouthful.

Today, if and when I ever get to work, we've got lunch out at the dreaded buffet to celebrate my friend going on maternity leave. Everytime we go to that buffet I get a little better at figuring out the choices, so let's hope I can continue that trend today. At least I've got a Body Combat class this evening to burn off any indiscretions!!

I'm going to sit in the cold now and read all your posts from the last 24 hours and resolutely ignore the breakfast van that's about 50m down the layby I'm currently stuck in!

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