Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Karma? What did I ever do to you????

Well, I think we can safely say I'm having the crappiest day I've had for quite some time today. Oh joy; what total and utter joy.

Shall I list out for you the many ways in which the shitstorm has descended on my head?

1. I've lost my purse. Sometime between paying for my pic'n'mix at the cinema last night (we'll come onto that separate matter after I've finished ranting - patience, my friends) and this morning, it vanished from my bag. It's not in my room - its newly tidy status made that fairly easy to confirm, it's not anywhere else obvious around the flat, it's not in Jon's car (yep - I had to wake the boys up at 7.30 this morning to request the keys to check - cue me getting an eyeful as Sid opens the front door in the tiniest pants known to man or woman - I sooooo did not need to see that at any time of the day - never mind the early morning, and Jon looking at me very bleary eyed in a towel, trying to understand what I was saying as he was only approximately 26% conscious), and my last hope is the cinema. Ah yes, the cinema, who helpfully inform me that there's no direct number for me to ring the actual cinema, and therefore customer services have emailed them on my behalf, and I'll hopefully hear back sometime in the next 4 hours / year. My entire life is in that purse, so I'm currently penniless, cardless, driving licence-less and about 45 other miscellaneous items that I suddenly find I can't live without. Bugger. Oh yes, and I literally had to go through the trash this morning as having taken the bags out to the bin, I suddenly panicked that I'd thrown my purse away when I cleaned the cinema tickets and receipts out of my bag last night. Nice.

2. Flashy orange lights came on in the car on the way to work this morning - I have no idea if this is a reminder for a routine hideously expensive service that I can't really afford right now (curse skiing!!!!) or something more serious. I ignored them.

3. Some stupid bint tried to drive into the side of my car this morning on the way to work. She was so busy jockeying for position at the roundabout outside my work this morning, and gesticulating rude things at the driver next to her, that she failed miserably to notice that I'm one of the few people who actually go right round the roundabout to the site entrance when I signal right, and not turn off down the main road. She'd practically driven onto me in her oversized, and no doubt needlessly large, people carrier before she spotted me and threw out the anchors. I was not amused.

4. I got to work to remember that I was going to buy my lunch today, since I didn't have any lunch stuff in. No purse equals no money equals no lunch. Luckily, the lovely Fran threw me a lifeline in the form of a £10 note, so I'm over that one.

5. My friend Claire, who is currently 7 months pregnant, got sent home from work this morning in a state of panic and over-stressedness, after she completely broke down on arriving at the office this morning. A) I'm obviously really worried about her. B) I'm now covering her phone, potentially some of her work, and lying through my teeth about why she's not in as she doesn't want people outside our office to know (fair enough). Nice working environment I have, right?

So there we have the state of play for today - want to know how I've tackled it?

By not eating the cake.

Oh yeah.

There's birthday cakes again. And I ain't eating them. I figure I ate cake yesterday, and today's are shop-bought, so all I'm missing out on is a shop-bought muffin - I can have those some other time. What have I eaten? Bowl of cereal with skimmed milk for breakfast. A satsuma and an Alpen Light bar during the morning. Sandwich and yoghurt for lunch. In other words, I've eaten exactly what was planned into my tracker this morning.

In. Your. Dirty. Face. Stress.

On a stress front, I've kind of simmered down now. There's not much I can do either way til the cinema phones me back about my purse. If it's gone, then I'm leaving early to start calling all the banks. I was at breaking point early this morning, but a well-timed funny and sympathetic email from Jon with a suggestion of pub tonight, and he's buying the drinks if the purse has gone, calmed me down a bit. I've spoken to Claire and she sounds better. Time to just head down and get on with shit.

So the pic'n'mix. We went to see Sherlock Holmes at the cinema last night. I don't know why, but I made a last minute decsion that I really wanted more pic'n'mix after only having some on Friday night. I literally had my little pack of popcorn in my bag, but just didn't want it. As it goes, it's no biggie though as I went to Spin last night, so I still banked a half point for the day - just not as much as I'd planned on. Other than that I stuck to my post-cookie-revised plan for yesterday.

I'm liking the plans - I don't have to think in the evenings when I'm hungry, just grab stuff and cook, so I can do my thinking and planning and decsion-making when I'm not hungry and can be objective. I'm good for finishing this week with points to spare, which will be the first time in quite some time that I can honestly say I've fully tracked and that has happened. Sadly, the scales don't seem to want to play ball and acknowledge this fact just yet, so I'm just going to have to be patient and wait for them to catch up with me.

They will.

Over and out, amigos! xx


Joanne said...

Good grief, what a day!
I hope the cinema have found your purse and the rest of the day goes smoothly, a HUGE well done for staying on track!

Joy said...

Whoa, what a day. You rocked it though. Hope the purse is found and pub tonight is relaxing!!

Linz M said...

What a nightmare day - hope you found your purse, I've been there before so I know how much of an annoyance it is.

Congratulations for staying on track, I'd have been comfort eating like no ones business!