Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Lessons learned

What surprised me most about yesterday's comments was that people said they would never have pointed The Day of 70 Points. But I think this was the most valuable thing I could have done.

You see Saturday wasn't a binge. I didn't set out to consume quantities of food until I was satisfied or squelch any cravings. I just stopped specifically thinking about making healthy choices as I knew I would be earning a lot of extra points from my walk.

The result is a huge lesson in what can happen when you're not paying attention, and the staggering way in which things can stack up.

At first when I totted up Saturday's points, I was so ashamed and shocked that I wasn't going to post anything about it. But this is something that anyone who is trying to eat healthily, and especially anyone just starting out on that road, needs to have their eyes open to.

I can't count the number of days that I've probably had in the past where I've eaten what I damn well please because I'm also being active. Hell, I probably did it most days while I was away skiing - so it's no wonder we can all struggle with our weight.

Back in the normal world, I'm back to making the effort to get it right on a daily basis. I was irritated last night to work late again and ended up missing my spin class. I prob should have gone for a run or something instead, but I was bloody knackered so concentrated on trying to eat vaguely right instead. Also, I'm honestly feeling a bit averse to the running thing at the moment - I'm just not liking the hideous cold much. Roll on Spring!!!!

I'm due out to go and see friends for a silly board games evening tonight. There's pizza on offer for tea, but I'd better steer clear of that as I don't have the points to soak it up, and I've eaten plenty of crap this week already. I haven't got any classes booked for this evening, but I feel I want to do something gentle, so I'm going to try and investigate the exercisetv website that Prior Fat Girl Jen was talking about a couple of days ago .... a home yoga session feels like it would just nicely hit the spot!

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Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

When I get in that frame of mind, I purposely don't look at labels, don't even want to consider the nutritional value of what I'm putting in my mouth and think about the consequences of my actions. It's amazing how a brain that in charge of talking care of our body can send such disasterous signals at times...

Florrie said...

Awesome post :)
I think the worst thing we can do to ourselves in this journey towards health is to ignore where we've gone wrong. In the act of pointing you're acknowledging where mistakes have been made, and that gives you the power to avoid them in future. Good Work!

Claire xx said...

Very honest post - I am one of the people that would not have counted and I do view this as a negative part of my diet.
You have made me want to do better!
Claire xx