Monday, 15 February 2010

Whoa, Nelly!!!!


Enough is enough and I'm now calling a mini intervention on my ass. I've not eaten great over the weekend, although I am at least tracking 100% honestly again, but I sure as hell didn't like what I saw on the scales this morning. I'm within a shade of going back over 13 stone and I flatly refuse to go back there.

It is therefore time to go full on Nazi on my (increasing) ass again and get my head properly back in the game.

As you may have noticed, I've been blogging less frequently than usual recently - a symptom of the decline. At the same time, my social life has gone into over-drive, and between that and work, I've not had enough time for me.

So ... it's time for me to be selfish. This week is allllllll about ME!!! About giving myself a little love (and discipline). My plan is to totally let my social life take a back seat this week. I'm not going to do my usual trick of saying yes to absolutely everything and then running from pillar to post every night. I'm also not going to spend every spare minute round at the boys' house.

I want to cut out the booze this week. I've been drinking way too much recently which is bad in itself, but also leads to other bad decisions. I'm going to pay attention to what I'm eating as I've been snacking mindlessly far too much. And I'm going to try and get in some form of exercise or activity every night the rest of this week. I'm also aiming for at least 7 hours of sleep a night. The scales can do what they want to do - I'm going to be focusing on getting my mental house in order.

Other than that - I had a lovely weekend once it finally got started. I ended up working 3 hours over on Friday night so I wasn't the happiest of bunnies. I dropped into see my dad on the way home and then headed to a house party in the evening. 1 bottle of wine later and I was pretty drunk, but oddly not far over on points for the day. Saturday was a bit of a mix up, as I'd made late plans to go on a 10 mile walk near Ludlow with friends and then stay over for the night, before being reminded on Friday night that I actually had tickets to see Imogen Heap in Birmingham on Sat night. Disaster!!! I ended up cancelling the walk and going to the gig as well as watching the 6 Nations rugby with friends on Sat. I ate far too much at dinner out in the evening - or rather I talked myself into eating when I wasn't actually hungry - and ended up feeling really uncomfortable for the gig - when will I learn????

After Saturday morning's hangover it made a pleasant change to wake up yesterday morning feeling refreshed and clear-headed so I went for a 5k run. Pretty slow as I've really not done much running recently, but I felt better for having it done before breakfast. After a leisurely morning I watched the rugby again next door with Sid and then tried my hand at baking Millionaire Shortbread. They turned out pretty damn delicious, but insanely rich. I had one yesterday, but since I now want to be back on track I'm busy giving the rest away to appreciative friends.

Food so far today is back where I would like it to be. I'm going to spin tonight, then I think I might treat myself to a bath and a night catching up on Supernatural alone on the sofa and an early-ish night. Suddenly that sounds exactly what I need.

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Linz M said...

Being selfish sounds like a good plan to me. Always good to have a bit of me time and remember what's important and why you are doing this in the first place.

I am sure you'll get back on track if you concentrate on yourself this week.

Good luck!


kate said...

remember, one day at a time.